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Banjos, pedal steel and harmonicas lock into a lazy-afternoon groove without an ounce of irony to hide behind.
We suggest the round figure of one fluid ounce for each kilogram of bodyweight daily.
The script is sharp, without an ounce of fat but with great moments of dialogue that retain a sly, wry wit.
Budgeted without an ounce of fat, his film required all the good fortune that it could muster.
Every ounce of discomfort and guardedness returned, but there was something else alongside it that wasn't there before.
It came out effortlessly, like when you ask someone their name or where they live, without an ounce of apology or regret.
There is something of the cautionary tale to this piece, but it's done without an ounce of preachiness.
Each coin is of face value Dram 25 and contains 1 troy ounce of 9990 pure fine silver with diameter 38 mm.
The crew recites the dialogue by heart and mimics the actors without an ounce of embarrassment.
Make a working solution of the developer by mixing 1 dram of developer stock to one ounce of water, adding a grain of oxalic acid to each ounce.
In 1988, just 11 ounce were enough to blow a hole in the fuselage of Flight 103 and cause the aircraft's disintegration, killing 270 people.
The weight of gold is measured in Troy, with one Troy ounce of gold equivalent to 480 grains of wheat.
Dealers say that a gold nugget of 1 troy ounce is about as rare as a 5-carat diamond.
Among prey of servals studied in South Africa's Kamberg Nature Reserve, 80 percent was made up of rodents weighing little more than one ounce.
In the time of Christ, a Roman could buy a respectable suit of clothes for about an ounce of gold coin.
It takes every ounce of self-control that I have to not retort back with a scathing remark about what a fool she is.
The enforced wearing of flats is a terrible blow to anyone with an ounce of style, but it is bearable if you buy them from Marc Jacobs.
No word yet on whether the kid will have an ounce of dignity, self-respect and intelligence.
If there is no bathtub, dissolve one ounce of Epsom salts in a pint of warm water and bathe the body all over with the mixture.
We create each made-to-order dish fresh and put every ounce of our considerable skill and knowledge to work to make you the best meal possible.
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Examples from Classical Literature
An ounce of putrid water, in which some beef had been macerated, was injected into the crural artery of a middling-sized dog.
I counselled him either to give or take an ounce of ratsbane, to cure his mind.
Most of our workmen are putting every ounce of strength into this urgent work for their country, loyally and patriotically.
To a quart of vinegar put an ounce of white pepper, an ounce of sliced ginger, a little mace and pimento, all boiled together.
An ounce and a half of peruvian bark bruised, and an ounce of orange peel, steeped in a pint of the best brandy, for ten days.
Take an ounce of the ointment called nutritum, the yolk of a small egg, or the half of a large one, and mix them well together.
Rub through a sieve into a bowl, add a pint of whipped cream flavored with noyau and then an ounce of gelatine dissolved.
You're at the mercy of the vilest wretch that's got an ounce of gold in his filthy poke.
Geronimo nocked the arrow, raised the bow, and needed every ounce of his strength to draw it.
Farley, our newsagent and tobacconist, held me when I went in for an ounce of the usual mild.
When you tell us that every ounce of the feeding stuffs used at Auchness was raised on British soil, you forget and misstate.
This solution is the equivalent of one containing 6.5 grains of trichloride to the ounce of water.
They were playing the last ounce in them, and The Maltese cat had left the goal undefended to join them.
Then add to it a thickening of flour, using one ounce of flour to every pint of stock.
Liang, lyang, n. a Chinese ounce or tael, reckoned as one-third heavier than the ounce avoirdupois.
Or an ounce of wheat bran or kaffir corn meal stirred into the milk will be helpful.
For this purpose, one scruple of ipecacuanha may be given in an ounce of water.
But the steelyard I brought goes to half an ounce, and has saved me a lot of money.
Just before confinement send for one ounce of fluid extract of ergot and an original pint bottle of Squibb's Chloroform.
Simmer the whole together, and when almost boiled enough, add an ounce of spermaceti.
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