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Comets originate in the Oort Cloud, which lies beyond the orbit of the outermost planet.
Many forms of flu and common colds originate in Asia and, in particular, in China.
This meant that Sonoran rivers, which originate in the eastern sierras, had to be diverted.
He didn't want to buy into that cliche, although jazz did originate in rather sleazy places.
The Singapore Sling really did originate in Singapore, and was thought to be a drink for the ladies because it was pink.
At low energies, many of the particles themselves originate in solar flares, or are accelerated by shocks in the solar wind.
Salsas, which originate in Mexico and South America, are a cross between a sauce and a salad.
Lymphoma is a general term for a group of cancers that originate in the lymphatic system.
Although the mango tree did not originate in this part of the world, St Lucia now boasts many varieties.
Most of the northern lights we see originate in the electrons accelerated into the ionosphere.
Our futurist zeitgeist may originate in capitalist economics, but its logic also creates a context for cultural signification.
These cells originate in the lower epidermis by division of basal cells in the basal layer.
Several other sounds originate in the back of the throat, often as a voiceless click rather than a voiced fricative.
Sinistral clades also did not originate in the less planktonically productive insular Indo-West Pacific and Caribbean.
This means that most words in Tok Pisin originate in English, the most widely spoken language on Earth.
As well as the polymorphs and macrophages, there are cells that do not originate in the bone marrow, nor travel in the bloodstream, which can also act as phagocytes.
The early Labrador dog did not originate in Labrador Canada, but descended from former dogs of Newfoundland, left there years before, by European fishermen and settlers.
And aside from that, it was likely unconstitutional because bills that raise revenue must originate in the House.
The principal ganglionic neurons receive the synaptic output of the preganglionic motor fibers in the splanchnic nerves, which originate in the anterior horn cells.
Capsicum chinense or 'Chinese capsicum' is a misnomer since all capsica originate in the New World.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Overgrowths in relation to the cutaneous nerves, especially the plexiform neuroma, occasionally originate in pigmented moles.
The energy which issues in growth, or assimilates knowledge, must originate in self and be self-directed.
The nerves of the mouth and its tentacles originate in the first ganglion, those of the respiratory organs in the second.
Fibroma may originate in the periosteum or in the lining membrane of the maxillary sinus.
This layer is not however derived from an upgrowth of the mesoblast of the somites, but from cells which originate in the yolk.
Inflammations of the body come from burnings and inflamings, and all of them originate in bile.
The manner in which the spores originate in the sporangium calls for comment.
Non-ideographic forms of ornament may originate in ideographic features, mnemonic, demonstrative, or symbolic.
Finally, there is no reason why an inhibitory reflex action should not originate in the sympathetic itself.
All things of the sublunar world originate in matter, hence matter itself is the unoriginated, the eternal.
Spermatozoa originate in the testis as cells, which are filled with granules.
The two rivers originate in the Central Asian high mountains where glacier and snow melt contribute substantially to runoff generation.
The phenomena of puerperal fever originate in a vitiation of the fluids.
As said before, it did not originate in the University of North Dakota.
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