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Photographic prints from a disbound sample book showing samples of decorative and ornamental fixtures made from onyx.
The hilt was made of a stone that looked a lot like onyx mixed with diamond.
These works ranged from swirling, meditative patterns of onyx and white to startling hues of lapis lazuli.
One by one, he picked up the diamond necklace, the ruby necklace, the sapphire ring, and the onyx ring.
The living room kept its unexpected adobe-style fireplace, the great-room its unusual green onyx banisters.
This rare work of porphyry, limestone, serpentine and onyx is unique north of the Alps.
The Ganjam Pallette Line uses the luxurious platinum in an unusual and unexpected treatment with onyx, peridots and blue topaz besides diamonds.
Her fear slowly drained away as she kept his impenetrable onyx gaze questioningly with her own.
All cultured marble, onyx and granite products have a gel coat finish that provides a non-porous, stain resistant surface.
Diamond-set petals cradle large turquoise, coral, or onyx stones to make dramatic, showstopping rings.
Morning light streams in through a thinly sliced piece of Indian onyx set in the east wall, in the unrendered concrete carapace.
The council sat silently while he passed out an onyx and an opal to every one.
The bathroom also had a gold tub and faucets studded with turquoises, while the staircase was made of onyx.
He took her hand in his own, his thumb turning the carnelian and onyx signet ring she wore.
Onyx, especially black onyx is said to help overcome hearing problems and to promote concentration and self-control.
His copy was plated in nickel, with a long smoke-like design of inlaid onyx along the right side of the barrel, and a carved wooden grip.
The onyx and diamond one belonged to my grandmother and the star sapphire was my father's, but the others are all from Swallow.
In the center, there are either jade, pearl or onyx pieces depending on the value.
The onyx marble is similar to marble, but is translucent, making it more attractive for making various shapes.
Diamonds and opals and onyx sat in lumps in the sparkling coloured windows.
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Examples from Classical Literature
When Moses speaks of bdellium and the onyx stone, I take these specimens of gems for gems in general.
The gems of onyx, carnelian and agate are later and bear various figures, and in some cases Arabic inscriptions.
The sardonyx was supposed by the ancients to be a different stone from the onyx.
Then, and not till then, had any one time to turn a glance towards the onyx.
His stones are jet, onyx and all dark stones which are incapable of polish.
My mind is a confused jumble of onyx and gilding and 216 mosaic floors and palms.
Harrasford was credited with designs for a palace in onyx and marble.
My brother Jean made me a present of an onyx of great beauty.
The huge reception hall was trimmed from floor to dome in onyx and gold.
The pulpit is of carved stone with inlaid slabs of American onyx.
Aguilera wore a platinum and diamond choker attached to a black satin ribbon, a long, chunky platinum and diamond chain and a platinum, diamond and onyx cross pendant.
His eyes turned up at the corners and looked like little slits of onyx.
The Louis XVI inspired gold plate and onyx piece was designed by George Chirita of Paris as the ultimate piece of office bling, priced at 17,000 euros.
Archer turned from the fascinated contemplation of a small painting representing two Cardinals carousing, in an octagonal ebony frame set with medallions of onyx.
Among the 50 items stolen were a green onyx ring belonging to the 52-year-old victim's dad, two silver christening bangles and two gold children's signet rings.
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