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Here the film ends on a high note, suggesting that the experience is a positive one.
He is calling on his Lancaster City players to go out on a high before he sits down and plots next season's tilt towards the Conference.
He seemed a black lump looming over the desk like a vulture on a high tor, waiting for his prey to walk into his clutches.
Rome has not been shorn of its potential for glory but Scotland must finish the championship on a high.
He was a bloop hitter to right field, but he got around on a high fastball, and it jumped out of the ballpark.
There is something ineffable about the experience of being on a high mountaintop.
London remains on a high state of alert and everyone needs to be vigilant, said Sir John.
Lewis was ringside in Las Vegas and admitted he was having real thoughts of ending his reign on a high.
She isn't one to ask to spend time looking at old pictures, so stowing them on a high shelf requiring a stepladder to reach won't be a problem.
All the tension and knots just disappeared and I was on a high for the rest of the day.
The audience were whipped up into a frenzy of emotion that sent everyone home on a high.
Then the homecoming we got in Galway, you'd be on a high for a week after it.
It could have been better, but thankfully we finished on a high by winning the FA Cup.
Cannabis does alter your mind. It can make you more irritable, or sometimes depress you, or sometimes put you on a high.
Two trophies in his first six months in charge ensured the club ended last season on a high.
One day she would be depressed and then the next day she would be on a high.
Exhausted cyclist Sarah Ulmer is still on a high from taking gold at the Olympics in world record time.
I was on a high for the rest of the night, and it lasted until the next day.
Never leave your child alone on a high place, such as a changing table, high chair, or sofa.
Eleanore O'Gorman finished her season on a high note in a closely fought girls Under 18 competition.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He lay on a high bed, surrounded by prim white walls, and there was even a chart of some kind at the bottom of the bedframe.
It also stands on a high cliff, and its dry and mortarless walls are built also on the coat of the onion principle.
Round Magdala, situated itself on a high rock, rose numerous peaks and saddles above the large plateau on which it stands.
A cottage which stood on a high slope above this townlet and its bay resounded one morning with the notes of a merry company.
There ensconcing themselves on a high beam, they soon forgot the cobwebs in the interest of the debate.
It stands on a high bank overlooking the bann, about a mile north of Coleraine.
The waratah is of a brilliant red colour, growing single and stately on a high stalk.
Shorncliffe is situated on a high hill just over the town of Sandgate and about two miles from the school of musketry at Hythe.
Seated on a high platform at the end of the hall, resining his bow, was Uncle Billy, smiling like a new moon upon the company.
That if one sleeps with one's head on a high pillow one will be round-shouldered.
She sat on a high stool and sipped her ice-cream soda with simple absorption in the pleasant sensation.
Vito Mannone was more than likely bowing out, but did so ingloriously, conceding the goal which allowed champions Chelsea to finish on a high.
Piney's admonition piped up to him on a high and tuneful memory.
She usually sat with her two favorite associates on a high window seat near the hearth.
Out in the kitchen, standing on a high stool, was Mrs. bullfinch.
For the same reason, they must sit at a high table, on a high chair.
Place shallot, garlic, wine and mussels in the pan, cover with lid and put on a high heat.
But the tanner had put on a high silk hat, so as to look a little taller.
This town was situated on a high and craggy rock, near megalopolis.
He sat perched on a high bay horse, and held on to the bridle of a spirited black palfrey, the hides of both glistening from a long run.
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