How to use occur by in a sentence

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Sentence Examples
Gradual involution of the Bartholin's glands can occur by the time a woman reaches 30 years of age.
Metastasis to the brain can occur by way of Batson's plexus or by direct extension from adjacent structures such as the sphenoid bone or sinuses.
Some events do occur by chance or happenstance, but the baseline of governmental policy and media spin is far from accidental.
It can occur by itself or with other, common autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.
All further cell divisions from this unicellular stage of the human being occur by simple mitosis.
These effects are thought to occur by enhancing the actions of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the central nervous system.
Transmission can occur by direct contact or from exposure to desquamated cells.
The collocation of the JSRC in the CAOC did not occur by happenstance.
The assumption was that an electric chair death would occur by jolting the heart into stopping.
Neuronal cell death has been shown to occur by apoptotic, necrotic and so-called atypical cell death mechanisms.
Nutmeg poisonings occur by accidental consumption in children and by intentional abuse with other drugs in teenagers.
This sense of vowel reduction may occur by means other than vowel centralisation, however.
This elevates the global warming impact of the dams to levels much higher than would occur by generating the same power from fossil fuels.
Mitochondria are organelles that occur by the hundred in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells.
Neither are regarded as magic, but as signs of Allah at the hands of those close to Him that occur by His will and His alone.
Examples from Classical Literature
Swift changeover to a large variety of pad shapes can occur by switching product-related parts and enures a highly flexible production level.
Cicadas are insects very common in the tropics and subtropics and make themselves evident in environments in which they occur by the loud sound emitted by males.
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