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Conversely, if a depolarizing process is much slower than the decay of the excited state, little depolarization will occur before emission.
Pregnancy and child bearing occur before adolescent girls are fully developed, exposing them to great health risks.
Coordinating permission to remove the restraints from a patient who has been anesthetized should occur before the procedure is ready to begin.
It is important to note that there may be a window of opportunity for this adaptation to occur before growth stops.
Potential stress incontinence may be masked by prolapse, so urodynamic studies should occur before any surgery.
What type of plywood should I use, and what preparation steps should occur before hanging any paper?
The unconditioned stimulus in a classical conditioning experiment must occur before the reward for the stimulus-reward association to occur.
Slug injury to corn may occur before emergence due to feeding activity on the seeds in the furrow or to severe defoliation soon after emergence.
Physicists call this process nucleosynthesis, and it had to occur before the structures we observed today, such as atoms and molecules, could exist.
The classical concept of fusion is a three-step process of cell excitation, docking, and fusion, in which docking may occur before cell excitation.
His actions allowed a vote to occur before the 95th Congress recessed.
There are occasional exceptions where alternations between the hard and soft sound occur before different suffixes.
Erections are common for male children and infants, and can even occur before birth.
Within the noun phrase, one investigates whether the following modifiers occur before or after the head noun.
Divorce from one conjugal relationship must occur before another conjugal relationship may occur in family law.
If extensive reactions occur before the part 3 amine is introduced to catalyze part 1 and 2, problems can occur.
In a declarative sentence in English, if the subject does not occur before the predicate, the sentence could well be misunderstood.
In September 2010, the Scottish Government announced that no referendum would occur before the 2011 elections.
Churchill, now again prime minister, announced on 17 February 1952 that the first British weapon test would occur before the end of the year.
The second of total lunar eclipse tetrad will occur before the dawn.
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Examples from Classical Literature
If the knifing business were to occur before the finding, it would help some!
Evidently development frequently is arrested, and resorption may occur before ovulation.
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