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Democratic practice has to occur at the local level if it is to have any chance at the national level.
Most known radiation dangers occur at the high end of the electromagnetic spectrum, and include X-rays and gamma rays.
Could similar phenomena occur at other enzymes, particularly allosteric enzymes where structurally similar dihydrofolate plays a regulatory role?
Annoyingly, respawns after deaths seem to always occur at the furthest points away from the fighting action on the maps.
Serious decay can occur at the base of branches and they must be inspected annually for fungal and bacterial damage.
The nonzeolites apophyllite, calcite, and quartz commonly occur at many localities.
Certain diseases, such as diabetes, can cause a cataract to occur at an earlier age than normal.
These types of bonds and friendships occur at every level of British society.
Thoracic aortic injuries most often occur at the aortic isthmus in the majority of the cases.
In addition to sequence length, differences between homeotherms and poikilotherms occur at positions 373 and 400, respectively.
This can occur at least through field officer grades and, probably, could include general officer or Senior Executive Service personnel.
All of these natural heat removal processes that function independently of refrigeration occur at the surfaces of the fermenting mass.
We believe that there are 3 possible discharge processes that can occur at the surfaces of these hydrometeors and I will briefly explain these.
But readies for does not occur at all, and the six occurrences of readied for are all passives.
Detrimental effects on hosts can occur at several stages of the parasite's life cycle.
There are several potential disasters waiting to occur at each excavation site.
Inevitably, cash outflows associated with leasing or financing will occur at different times and for different durations of time.
The sponge's basal part, oscular part and side part occur at different levels within the mud layers, which might have resulted from rapid burial.
Bags have to be put on early in the season as bract damage can occur at bud stage, as well as when birds feed on the open flowers.
Material like that of the stony-irons is thought to occur at the core-mantle boundary of the Earth.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The symptoms of pulmonary embolism may occur at any period from the hour of the operation up to the thirtieth day.
These shells occur at Hartlepool and Sunderland, where the rock assumes an oolitic and botryoidal character.
A contretemps less likely to occur at the Choctaw Chief, and there stayed they.
The fistulous opening is usually small, and may occur at any point over the gland.
Glacial deposits spread over the lower grounds and striae occur at great heights on the Black Mountains.
The segmentation of the strobila is very indistinct, but the reproductive organs occur at regular intervals.
True mixed woods, sometimes referred to as karst woods, occur at medium elevations.
Why does a synthesizing factor such as rhyme occur at the end of the verse?
Adhesion of the mesocolon to the dorsal body wall does not occur at all points at the same time.
It is not, however, necessary that these processes should in the case of all animals occur at the same time as ovulation.
Now it would be natural enough to suppose that those fossils which occur at the bottom, or next to the Archaean, are the oldest.
Similar impediments occur at every step, to exhaust the strength and delay the progress of an invader.
Extreme sleep durations may adversely affect memory at older ages, regardless of whether they occur at mid-life or later-life.
Vestiges of the precoracoid occur at each end of the clavicle.
This will explain anything that may occur at the festival of Tammuz.
They occur at the end of a Latin play, intitled Susanna, Antverp.
The cases of Dolsky in Odessa, and of Leturier in Montpellier, will occur at once to any toxicologist.
Localized heat transfer could be very different in the warped and the unwarped parts as the mold-part separation would not occur at all the places.
Planning provides viable courses of action when organizations encounter specific circumstances, known as contingencies, which may occur at any time.
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