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You're seeing the inevitably high bankruptcy rates that occur after a period of very easy money.
First dose reactions occur after the first dose of a course of treatment and not necessarily thereafter.
Three quarters of all deaths from myocardial infarction occur after cardiac arrest in the community.
Such holidays occur after good hunts or when large game animals, such as an elephant or a wild pig, have been captured.
Stertorous breathing may occur after epileptic convulsions, but does not typically occur after psychogenic non-epileptic convulsions.
Abnormalities of blood flow or venous stasis normally occur after prolonged immobility or confinement to bed.
Infections that cause seedling blights occur after the seed has germinated but before or just after emergence.
But such traumas only occur after exhaustive efforts to achieve co-operation with dignity have failed.
Conjugated hyperbilirubinemia also may result from problems that occur after the bilirubin is conjugated in the liver.
They almost always occur after sleeping, especially if in an awkward position such as leaning against a bus window.
At present, expert appraisements for a change in civil status occur after surgery.
This logic also suggests that a plaintiff should be barred from her suit based upon untimely acts that did occur after the harassment became pervasive.
The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome epidemic in China is a modest measure of what might occur after serious biological weapon attack in the United States.
These huge aggregations are synchronized by the highest semilunar tides that occur after new and full moons.
It gathered strength from the postmillennial belief that the Second Coming of Christ would occur after mankind had reformed the entire earth.
For example, the jaw bone resorption that can occur after patients lose teeth is avoided once dental implants are in place.
It may occur after injury, in repetitive use syndromes and in certain inflammatory conditions such as SpA and HIV-associated arthropathies.
Posterior fossa syndrome can occur after neurosurgical resections of childhood posterior fossa tumors, such as medultoblastomas.
Multiple ectopic beats that are causing palpitations, or that occur after a myocardial infarction, can be treated with an antiarrhythmic drug.
Successful hunts usually occur after a short rush and ambush but they may chase down prey in the open and will try to separate mother and young.
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This, however, is very apt to occur after some time by overexertion.
The IRS can now waive inadvertently invalid QSub elections and terminations that occur after 2004, if the conditions of Sec.
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