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How to use obscure in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word obscure? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Today lungs are found not only in land vertebrates but also in a few obscure fish lineages, such as gar, bichir, and lungfish.
Only Bartoli could have made best-selling albums out of obscure arias by Scarlatti, Vivaldi and Gluck.
I would like to encourage you to take advantage of it, and to warn against impulses to hide, obscure, wallow, or control.
Certainly, if last night's showing was anything to go by, his work was somewhat abstract and obscure, and obviously an acquired taste.
Still, this is a Frank Black album, with its obscure references and abstruse lyrics.
Jane accepts the position gratefully, even though it is monotonous, poor and obscure.
No longer are you creatures of an accidental happening in an obscure corner of a randomly evolving cosmos.
As if to counter the accusations of snootiness, not every selection is wilfully obscure.
I'm standing in the garage of a supercool geek guy who is building an obscure, rad, retro sportscar.
Lastly, if the site or journal is too obscure, I may as well go post on some random message board.
Endless tributes, adulation and back rubs from his closest allies tend to obscure the truth.
In the meantime I imagine my obscure rantings and categorisations may draw the odd comment from those versed in literary theory.
No situation, however obscure, or however sacred, escaped the rapacity of the enemy.
The highly textured surface of these poems does not, however, obscure the continuous emotional undercurrent.
You can't help wondering why a company that whittled Hamlet down to 90 minutes needs two-and-a-half hours for a relatively obscure Chekhov story.
Black clouds obscure flashes of orange light against the night sky in the city.
But what I wrote is probably more accurate in some obscure technical sense of reflecting my true agenda.
The Protestant public also wielded the power to obscure their influence in the public sphere and redefine the terms of public debate.
There is a seemingly limitless choice of the world's finest products as obscure and delicious as free-range acorn-fed Portuguese black boar.
His astonishing debut feature is one of the most wilfully obscure pieces of genre-busting cinema in a very long time.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It was about half-past eight, and the night had been obscure for some time.
We should not let the much that is to do obscure the much which has been done.
Finally, these annular creatures, obscure in their lives, isolate themselves.
The language and style of most of these books are aphoristic, elliptical and obscure.
An appellate court which reverses the judgment of a popular author's contemporaries, the appellant being his obscure competitor.
It is not in all cases easy to trace the origin and true nature of the ascidium, as the venation is sometimes obscure.
The early history of the balloon frame, is somewhat obscure, there being no well authenticated statements of its origin.
The blunting of one end by use calls for no explanation, but the purpose of the perforation is a little obscure.
Two of the most obscure points in the development are the origin of the mesoblast in the trunk, and of the body cavity.
Later he involved himself in explanations that were both obscure and conflicting.
The colors are obscure, but the striations on the calyculus are violet-tinted, and the reds perhaps predominate elsewhere.
Casino or cassino is also the name given to a game of cards of obscure origin, played with a full whist-pack.
He must express himself in chaldee, in a half obscure language, peculiarly fit for secrets, and sounding as if from another world.
Its early history is very obscure, but it was certainly colonized by Greeks from Cnidus.
The derivation of the names is a bit obscure, but the court cupboard probably comes from the French court, short.
There were curtains of sailcloth put over the windows to obscure the sunlight.
After the death of Samo the history of Bohemia again becomes absolutely obscure for about 130 years.
Said to be an ancient Greek name of the sanicle, of obscure meaning, strangely applied by Linnus to this plant.
It could not have been a divination, therefore it must have been some obscure phenomenon of memory.
Apparently have endoskeleton, but organization of the internal organs remains obscure.
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