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Sentence Examples
She ends up as a patroness of the arts because she enjoys posing for a nude statue.
After a big rain, a rush of water down nude valley hills scours away the top-soil.
All that most of them can hope for is to parlay their film work into lucrative nude dancing careers or Internet fan sites.
She is nude and the image shows her body from her belly button to her knees.
He posed a nude model to fix the exact posture of Salome in the water-colour version of The Apparition in the Louvre.
Lips are both nude and matte or glossed in shades of pale pink, red or cinnamon.
Braque revived the Western idea of the female nude, also the drapery depicted is another traditional element.
Which actor's resume includes stints as a coffin polisher, a milkman and a nude model for artists?
He is attended by a nude servant who walks behind, holding a sunshade in his left hand and a small staff in his right.
The human body was the main preoccupation of High Renaissance artists and they often depicted it nude.
Once at the beach everyone was free to go local, sample snacks and drinks at the beach tavernas, swim nude, or just hang out.
The ancient Greeks employed whole-body sun exposure or heliotherapy in the treatment of disease, and lying nude in the sun was a popular pastime.
Arikha's own unsparing self-portraits, often nude, show a fiercely alert, intelligent, sometimes astonished, sometimes grimacing face.
I suspect Papa liked having that nude hanging in the den almost as much as he liked telling people his wife had a cathouse in the backyard.
Dark brunettes or brunettes with blue-black bases would look great in the soft, sheer and almost nude pinks.
Only last year, a Royal Academy of Arts touring workshop was not allowed to employ nude models to pose for art students.
The whole film looks like it was shot with a camera covered with nude hosiery.
The two robust and muscular nudes on this sheet have also been interpreted as Leonardo's response to Michelangelo's depictions of the male nude.
The camera lingers over his body, reversing the gaze traditionally directed toward the nude female.
The indolently nude woman in the featured painting was in fact modeled by Ingres's first wife.
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Examples from Classical Literature
What was the meaning of that nude woman beside that gentleman who was fully dressed?
He threw open the cloak and stood there nude, playing with the sword in his hand.
In one of them, a slave pours the contents of a hydria over her nude mistress.
The Greek youth became enamoured of the ephebe in the gymnasium, where they appeared nude and beautiful.
The artist was working on a picture of a nude Bacchante sprawled on some drapery.
She was represented as the sea-born, nude, and pressing with her hands her dripping hair.
These women had a cincture of cotton about their loins, but were otherwise nude.
He had removed his garments and stood up perfectly nude save for the breechclout.
Mr. pokeweed was promptly on hand, and tore madly into the burning pile, whence he soon emerged with a nude female.
In the nude he was quite impossible to all but the most hardened mothers, and he was never photographed thus in a washbowl.
Nicki Minaj stole the show at Saturday Night Live as she impersonated Kim Kardashian's much talked-about nude photo-shoot.
Whole blueberry powder modulates the growth and metastasis of MDA-MB-triple negative breast tumors in nude mice.
On the left of the woman is a nude youth holding up a rhyton.
Beside him, a diminutive figure of a nude boy holding a strigil.
I know she's nude, so let her be a peasant woman who has undressed.
Anyone planning to open a link that states nude photos of Emma Watson best beware.
Bianca Miller London will offer a range of nude tones carefully selected to satisfy complexions ranging from English Rose to Sub-Saharan African.
The first sentence of Mr. Billing's speech was indecently nude.
Is there any relation between the nude in art and immodesty?
Not for the fainthearted, she teamed studded sarong-style skirt with leotard top and nude pointy heels.
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