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The house was nothing special, a tawdry semi-detached in a sprawling estate, with a broken front fence and an overgrown lawn.
Three men dressed as nothing special stand and show their brass medallions and eye us now as ticket inspectors.
This lack of scarcity makes this concert even sillier, as there is nothing special about it.
Sadly Steph wasn't there, having just had a baby and tbh I was disappointed, they were good without her but nothing special.
Once the theory is formulated in mathematical terms it turns out that there is nothing special about labour.
It's just a replacement for one of the chattels we choose to cart around with us, nothing special, not even something essential.
The family in question is really quite ordinary, nothing special, but it's exactly that ordinariness that makes the film warm and comforting.
If it's nothing special, why are the first-mentioned group of people kicking up such a stink?
Sooner or later you're bound to realize that you're just another human being, nothing special, just an ordinary mortal like everyone else.
He told me about the new place he was gonna work for and to be honest, it sounds ok, but nothing special.
Though the cars themselves are nothing special, the 3m vertical exhausts pipes are surely worthy of documentation.
So, daring to be different, I created something a little different with the argyle theme in the background, nothing special or really technical, but more of a personal touch.
For a while we chatted about operas we had seen, and so on, the occasional passing reference to life outside opera, nothing special, nothing heavy.
Owner of the nicest hair cut and the sharpest parting in the Premiership, the Russian is nothing special and has struggled to hold down a regular place.
A stamped-and-welded steel monocoque may have been well ahead of the welded tube racing car spaceframes of the day, but it's nothing special today.
She was nothing significant, nothing special, nothing exceptional.
Surrounded with a soupy, rather watery mixture of cut-up fruits, the custardy panna cotta seemed a little too firm and was nothing special.
There was nothing special about it, no deep frog, and he didn't sound girlish or wussy.
There is nothing special about skins with the fur on since the hair is brittle and soon falls off.
The designs were acceptable, but they were nothing special either.
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Do it twenty or fifty times, and there is nothing special in your doing it the twenty-first or fifty-first.
While Meg was nothing special to look at, Anais turned heads with her cute headgear emblazoned with a skull and crossbones.
Except for this tie of ineffectuality, they had nothing special in common.
The next day was exceedingly still and sultry, and with nothing special to engage them, the Pequod's crew could hardly resist the spell of sleep induced by such a vacant sea.
Nothing special about them, really, though the spicy poppers and wings overshadow the rest merely because they have some peppery zing.
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