How to use noted with in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "noted with"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
She noted with slight satisfaction that he was not at all unhandsome, which was all the better to her.
The bundle shifted slightly, and Diana noted with indrawn breath she was trembling.
He noted with approval that the room was spotless, and everything was in order.
Meanwhile, Oliphant said Safa has noted with extreme concern the hard-line attitude of the city officials in Cape Town.
She glanced up at the top of his head and noted with a smile that his curly hair was gone, replaced with a short buzz cut.
He was in marvellous form, I noted with pleasure, and he had no intention of staying in bed.
Her voice was dripping with sarcasm and, Cole noted with amusement, jealousy.
I noted with disgust that after reports of casualties began to surface, the controversial diplomat began to resile from the position taken in his report.
It stuck moistly to the side of a chair, he noted with satisfaction.
During my more tonsorially experimental phases, I noted with interest that the levels of attention I would get from in-store security staff depended on the colour of my hair.
Sylvia noted with dissatisfaction and some self-contempt that the course of her next afternoon's ramble took her instinctively clear of the network of woods.
Kepler noted with satisfaction that it would be appropriate to correlate the sun with gold, the density of which is greater than that of quicksilver.
And, as noted with victim blaming, this undermines men as thinking, rational, conscious beings.
Importantly, there were no signs of excessive laxation or frank diarrhoea as has been noted with other digestion-resistant carbohydrates.
He noted with surprise that he was unable to find any homographic Russian verb forms, nor any homographs of more than five letters.
Hypercapnia and hypercapnic acidosis is often noted with lung protective ventilation.
No significant associations were noted with the use of hard drugs and assaultive behavior, the results indicate.
The resolution noted with concern that the multilingual development of the UN website had improved at a much slower rate than expected.
Transcriptional alterations were noted with exposures to gasoline and diesel emissions.
Top sources said that the Election Commission has noted with concern the statements made by Hawala operators about crores of rupees being transferred by political parties.
Examples from Classical Literature
I noted with interest how accurately this motion kept pace with our own speed, and how fluidly the walls seemed to run together.
Mr. bodge noted with satisfaction the gleam of interest in capital's eyes.
And she noted with pleasure that he, too, was in a black humor.
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