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I've always thought that if you have to work at it and you're not happy, it's not worth the candle.
Shinty should cherish him while it can or he might just decide the game is not worth the candle.
Too often entry to university is easy and many degrees are not worth the candle.
It's not worth it to try to specifically decipher his incoherent ramblings, but the message comes through anyway.
They should have looked at the bottom line and said civilisation was not worth the candle.
What he does not know about the Shakespeare canon and Shakespeare criticism is perhaps not worth knowing.
The psuedo-Polish foods, like beef stroganoff and chicken Kiev, were just OK and not worth ordering.
I know there are the people who will say just forget about it, it's not worth it.
It may be replied that cheap goods which are the product of sweated labor are not worth having, and that would be hard to deny.
This planned spontaneity might sound like a paradox, but I usually find that chaotic and purposeless free time is not worth a great deal.
I do not believe they're there on a fool's errand nor do I consider them to be hapless dupes and slaves to a cause not worth fighting.
But it's an illusory prize and not worth the sacrifice of lives and principles.
To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living.
There are some who say that because of false positives and false negatives early detection is not worth it.
We might act on a preference about what to buy or do, and then come to realize that it was not worth it.
I saw these people every day when I was in local government and they are not worth a cracker.
It's generally not worth it unless you are a time-pressed business traveler on an expense account.
If it doesn't contain a toy or a gadget, a pack of felt-tipped pens and a chocolate bar, it's not worth its salt.
Even if one were free of need and doing well in all other respects, one would still view life as not worth living without friends.
Today, discontent tended to make me think it's all a hollow shell, that perhaps all that effort, all that sacrifice, were not worth my while.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Frequently this undiagnosed dement has satisfied himself with a weak, cynical philosophy that life is not worth while.
So little was drunk in England that it was not worth while to adulterate it.
Why do we have to put up with an aedile here, who's not worth three Caunian figs and who thinks more of an as than of our lives?
We are pure nothings, concerning which speculation is not worth the trouble.
And so he arrogantly says that Canada and Nova Scotia are not worth colonising.
She hath twenty aurei to command, and the girl is not worth much more than that.
As matters are circumstanced, Mr. Worthnought, I think it is not worth your while to stay.
It was a great place for cold-work labs, but not worth anything for colonization.
Was she not worth as much honour as any man, be he who he might, could confer upon her?
She was perfectly rotten, and in the constructor's opinion not worth refitting.
Even with cross-pollination, Eldorado sometimes fails to bear and is not worth growing unless planted in a mixed vineyard.
Ellen observed, that it was not worth while to hate, it was sufficient to avoid them.
And therefore he is not worth to the world that I should embroil and embrangle myself in his interests.
For their art, there was not worth enough in it to endow it with any lasting vitality.
Think of all that trouble for four footy chickens not worth more'n four bits in Injianny.
After it, for this day, it seemed not worth while to grieve and miserably to forebode.
A question of private ownership not worth a garnishee might set a whole nation afire!
It was but a ring, with an emerald in it, that Bevis knew to be sham, and not worth a groat.
Once let the mob overtake them, and the lives of all three were not worth a sesterce.
There's scarcely anything left outside a crowd of low offenders who are not worth the shoe leather expended in pursuing them.
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