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He is perhaps not responsible for the spelling errors and misquotations, but they are numerous.
The high sludge yields were caused by unexpectedly high and erratic levels of influent solids for which the builders were not responsible.
First the food has to be broken up in the mouth, but that is not responsible for pepsis, but rather for eupepsia.
Children who did well understood that they were not responsible for their parents and were able to avoid engulfment in their illness.
He knew that he was not responsible they were just innocent bystanders, he had done nothing wrong, what blame there was rested with other people.
The good news is that camp directors are not responsible to decide innocence or guilt.
Dextral slip was not responsible for opening most of the rift basins in Thailand.
She said it was just a way of the council covering itself so it was not responsible for not providing enough water pressure.
The press is not responsible to the government, but to their readers and listeners or viewers.
The colonies were not democracies and the governors were not responsible to an electorate.
Not only is the government not responsible to, that is, removable by, the lower house, but it is also not accountable to it.
He says the waybills state that the company is not responsible for the contents of parcels it transports.
The QuickVote sponsor is not responsible for content, functionality or the opinions expressed therein.
And if some heartless creep makes rude remarks that hurt your friend, you are not responsible for his actions.
The injury to the back of his head may have stunned or concussed him but was not responsible for his death.
Rule 2 of article IV lists a number of things for which the carrier is not responsible.
Saputo is not responsible for the privacy policies of websites to which it links.
Unfortunately, I am not responsible for the failings of my predecessors, who set up the supply systems and who were as unrighteous as I am righteous.
A negligent tortfeasor is not responsible for all the direct consequences of his negligence, but only for such damage as ought reasonably to have been foreseen.
The unsigned letter in the Weekender exhorts Martin Cadden to get the facts regarding who was or was not responsible for the introduction of service charges.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Of course the Governor-General was not responsible for the nawab's methods.
The bailor is not responsible generally for any negligence of the hirer in operating the car.
But the floral kingdom was not responsible for that swirl of petalous whiteness.
We're not responsible for all the cranks who choose to lodge in the same house with us.
The Circumlocution Department,' said Mr Barnacle, 'is not responsible for any gentleman's assumptions.
Young man, I have no wish to be hard on a congenital idiot who is not responsible for his actions, but I must insist on an explanation.
In that case he is subjectively not responsible for his immorality.
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