How to use not responding in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "not responding"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The gnomes and goblins were milling about, obviously not responding to orders, and desperately looking for ways to escape.
While, the administration is not responding to the article, but they tell us, trust us, we follow the law.
A kinesiological test suggested that Paula was not responding well to wheat so we decided to take this out of her diet for a few weeks.
Paul says a revelation led him to return, implying that he was not responding to a summons from the authorities of the church in Jerusalem.
Endlessly stalked by paparazzi, she responded, commendably, by not responding.
If a horse is galloping at speed, totally out of control and not responding to the rider's commands, the situation can be life threatening.
The Radar has just entered out jurisdiction and is not responding to our hails.
If you have high blood pressure and it's not responding well to treatment, it could be because of a medication or other substance you're taking.
Consider immunotherapy at a specialist centre for those with severe hay fever not responding to medical treatment.
I can't tell for sure, but it seems like my dad is stonewalling my mom's lawyers by not responding to letters.
Sam tensed, then relaxed, not responding, but not pulling back either.
They are implanted in patients that are not responding to medication.
They're basically young toughs in these projects, and they're just not responding to any kind of calls for moderation to the violence, not even from their parents, by the way.
We are highly critical of the force in not responding early enough to the recruitment problem, the consequences of which are seen in undermanning throughout the force area.
Examples from Classical Literature
For an instant she lay quiet in his embrace, receiving, if not responding to his caresses.
Tom noticed with dismay that Bud was not responding very well, his feeble strokes were jerky and uncoordinated.
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