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Sentence Examples
Approaching my second stop, I did not respect the blue flags and was punished with a drive-through penalty.
We must therefore fight against these limits and not respect linguistic conventions like grammaticality.
This insufferably ignorant letter is proud to be printed in a newspaper which clearly does not respect the beliefs of all SFU students.
Please do not hesitate to let me know if any of my content or behavior makes you think I do not respect other people on the net.
What I do not respect however is people who kill or otherwise use violence against people for any reason.
Cases of grammatical coreference that do not respect the sentence boundaries are highly marked.
How to respond to it practically in a war that does not respect borders?
Satellite signals and footprints did not respect geo-political boundaries and it was no longer possible to limit the medium or its message to the confines of the nation state.
At present, teachers, administrators, and educrats of various descriptions do not hesitate to let children know that the system does not respect their parents.
But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.
Later, as a sous-chef and chef people would not respect my authority.
Any wine grower who believed one of his colleagues did not respect this adage could bring the case before the courts.
This is a penalty measure, if farmers do not respect these standards, their payment will be reduced.
But what he did not respect, gangster-wise or otherwise but no wise, was that part of the pie that belonged to his uncles.
The notaries in Macedonia do not respect the Law on Use of Albanian language and they do not notarize the statements and other documents that are written in Albanian.
The Spanish troops occupying Calabria and Apulia, led by Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordova did not respect the new agreement, and expelled all Frenchmen from the area.
It is this attitude that makes people litter public roads, or play religious music till the wee hours in public parks, or not respect the law while driving.
Although their Mohe ancestors did not respect dogs, the Jurchens began to respect dogs around the time of the Ming dynasty, and passed this tradition on to the Manchus.
Examples from Classical Literature
The writer who does not respect her is a falsifier, and the painter or sculptor who departs from her is a dabbler.
Such a critic will not respect Balzac's good work the less for contemning his bad work.
She could not respect his eye, but his love and his complaisance were unexceptionable.
In strictness, the soul does not respect men as it respects itself.
I could better eat with one who did not respect the truth or the laws than with a sloven and unpresentable person.
Can you not respect that principle of loyalty which made the royalists give up country, friends, fortune, everything, rather than be false to their king?
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