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Some of us are hard of hearing and could not hear the officer in the car going by.
Gathered in worship, a congregation will hear things its members will not hear elsewhere.
And you'll not hear a pig grunting or a hen cackling in many farmyards today.
This Court will not hear applications for orders nisi comprising three Justices.
I personally did not hear the shots being fired as I had the vacuum on valeting a car with the radio going full blast.
She is harsh and undutiful to him, and her servants either refuse to obey his orders or pretend that they did not hear them.
Imagine my surprise and chagrin when I realised that I could not hear any music above the din of the rattly old Northern Line train.
I was, however, even more surprised last week to not hear the bells playing at all.
But for the charge being on the indictment, the trier of fact would not hear it.
His family did not hear from him in the days after the attack and reported his disappearance to the police.
In town particular care is needed because cyclists and pedestrians may not hear it coming.
Quietly, so Chase would not hear her downstairs, she crept over to the window and looked out.
He could not hear the flames crackling around him, nor Sorcha calling for him to stop.
I do not hear my mother come out of the sitting room until long after I have gone to bed.
The Supreme Court of Canada justices do not have to explain why they decide to hear or not hear a case.
He did not hear them, because 95 percent of the submissions Maori made are opposed to the bill, but he is still supporting it anyway.
She heard Will respond to Tom's remark quietly, and, though she did not hear what he said, she heard Tom growl and move on.
They would not stop if the police shouted at them because they simply would not hear.
She had wanted someone to roll it out for her, but the director would not hear of it.
He walked over to Samantha's horse, grabbed the reins, and walked several yards away from the group, where they could not hear him.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Basil was importuning his companion on some matter which the latter could not hear.
We could not hear the answering voice, for Halsey had the muffler in contact.
My parents would not hear of the marriage, and immured me in the spare room.
The globes set up their seductive rhythms as before, but he could not hear them above the discord of his squeaker.
What followed Andrew could not hear, except an occasional roar from Rankin.
The Colonel, who could not hear the remark, wondered at the abrupt pause in the game.
She was eighteen and adorable, but her mother would not hear to a betrothment.
He was so interested in the crowd on the quay that he did not hear his father speaking to him.
But hereof it availeth nought for me to speak any longer, for thine ears are deaf to these words, and thou wilt not hear them.
As a rule, however, the associations will not hear of even such a reduction.
Some say Colonel Burnaby issued an order for the men to fall back, but I did not hear it.
The Citizen Morot could not hear the jokes nor distinguish the cause of the groaning.
I was resolved that I would not be subdued, and that the world should not hear me groan.
The house was quiet but for the noise of the wind and the rain, and those Cornelius did not hear.
She spoke so low Masterson could not hear it above the beat of the rain on the window.
I wanted to take in the gaff-topsail also, but Bob would not hear of such a thing.
By noon Walter felt as if a buzz saw was in full operation in his head, while he could not hear at all.
But of what he said I remembered nothing, I did not hear, for I was eyeing my mother.
Tosca stops her ears with her hands so that she may not hear the explosion.
O father, my father, and did you not hear The erl-king whisper so low in my ear?
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