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Apart from anything else, his avuncular visage is no good at all for t-shirts and Warholian silk screens.
The four of clubs is described by some as the Devil's bedstead and is loathed by many players, who claim that no good hand can include this card.
In the rough-and-tumble world of concert booking and promotion, no good deed goes unpunished.
Again, sloping roofs are the in-thing now, but slopes are no good in a climate like that of Kerala as such roofs tend to develop a leak fast.
Anna reined in her tears, holding them inside herself, and burying them in the dark place where she knew she was no good.
Perhaps it is too hot, or Madrilenos are just no good at building up mass hysteria.
It was no good just patching it, it would have to be done properly with good foundations.
If you're living in the post-20th century, there is really no good reason for you to have a neckbeard.
Today, for no good reason, I had a fit of the regrets, completely unjustified and totally unwelcome.
It's soapy, slippery, and no good for hair and leaves the bottoms of your feet much too slick to make it advisable for bathtime.
The area is covered by a Dispersal Order, which enables officers to move gangs on they suspect are up to no good.
Well, it's nearly the weekend now, and I've got three packed days of working in the pub and probably getting up to no good.
She had not long been in the hairdressers when another shopkeeper came in to alert them that he thought the youths were up to no good.
Although we are in a strong position it is no good patting ourselves on the back in October or November.
I can think of no good reason to make such a sweeping statement without sound argument to back it up.
It was just parachuted in at the last minute, and for no good reason that I can see.
Even after the trial, he may have been followed by British intelligence agents, who may have felt he continued to be up to no good.
People were wafting their arms to swat the bugs but it did no good because they kept coming in hordes.
It's no good trying to build a website if you don't know any html, you can't make bricks without straw.
Anne still had no money, no good job prospects, poor health, broken plumbing, and three scarred kids.
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Examples from Classical Literature
And when Willis herself comes in, auguring no good from this visit, my aunt gives her the tips of her fingers.
Any scene that didn't witness a couple of captures and a couple of rescues was no good.
She 'lows he's got some scheme or other, 'at ain't no good to your folks, a-lettin' good money on a wore-out farm like Skyrie.
The boy added that the chenille was so ugly that it was without doubt German and no good.
He burrowed deep, deep, in the hope of my absolution, which would have been of no good to him.
And it does no good to tell her that hari-kari is a Japanese or Chinese trick.
The hektograph will be henceforth, as the American shall say, no good, but what is that when a man is starving in a foreign land?
Then the South Foreland lights begin to hiccup at us in a way that bodes no good.
There are no good authorities for the war at Muraisi with the bani Mustalik.
The herds on the home farm are no good, for one's seventy and the other is in bed with jaundice.
Even if no fire starts, electricity will be wasted and the homeowner will be paying for electricity that's doing no good.
If home rule should come it will do no good, because it is not the right brand.
Mark my words, there will no good come to the huntress from setting sail of a Friday.
That was no good, of course, so at the coffee break I forced myself around the corner to the barber shop.
Here the expression, no good he ne couth means, he was quite feeble and strengthless.
At London, they lived in the Potteries, but he never did no good in the big city.
In the blinding height of a Panhandle summer it is no good thing to be cordoned about with dead ponies and dead Indians.
I belive his Grace's men had no good will to the work, and were brought their against their inclinations.
As it was, the incessant chill and dampness of the weather had done his health no good.
It would have done no good, for the room-clerk was shaking his head to all the suppliants.
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