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Sentence Examples
Battersea firefighters poured soda ash down the toilet, neutralising the sulphuric acid and stopping the production of the chlorine gas.
Those containing magnesium or aluminium generally work by neutralising the stomach acid.
The country will claim that it has succeeded in its declared aims of neutralising terrorism by killing or capturing at least 15 people who it accused of dozens of murders.
This has the odd effect of partially neutralising Dafoe's excellent performance, creating a character who is Bugs Bunny-like, capable of partaking in comic one-liners.
It goes a substantial way towards neutralising the environment as an issue and it will encourage some waverers to cast their lot with the Coalition.
From the 11th century onward, the Angevins had autonomy within their French domains, effectively neutralising the issue.
Agricultural lime, powdered chalk or limestone, is used as a cheap method for neutralising acidic soil, making it suitable for planting.
Wendy Martin has Total Allergy Syndrome and has to inject herself with neutralising vaccines just to eat and leave the house.
Heavy Batteries were most often employed in destroying or neutralising enemy artillery, as well as putting fire down on strongpoints, roads and railways behind enemy lines.
A fianchetto defence is a good way of neutralising any K-side attacks.
Examples from Classical Literature
The benzoates may, in general, be easily prepared by either neutralising the acid with the base, or by double decomposition.
By neutralising concentrated acetic acid with manganous carbonate, and evaporating the solution so that crystals may form.
By neutralising acetic acid with nickelous carbonate, and gently concentrating by evaporation, so that crystals may form.
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