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Pregnant women do get given a lot of advice and if you try to follow it all you will end up a nervous wreck.
The victim is scared to leave her home because of the threats and is genuinely a nervous wreck.
I never had much confidence in those exit poll numbers though I was prepared to be a nervous wreck over them.
Stories of other children succumbing would turn me into a jittery nervous wreck.
I was 7 months pregnant, I was an absolute nervous wreck because I thought, this is pretty much a lose-lose situation.
She becomes a nervous wreck and suffers from ghastly nightmares.
But their emotional trip wasn't all sentiment because the very sight of his opponent across the ring was enough to turn any fan, who truly cared, into a nervous wreck.
As the day of the actual test, in the presence of a large and somewhat legendary Texas Department of Public Safety trooper, neared, I was a nervous wreck.
But these days, the unrelenting interjection of thunderous tanks and the crackle of gunfire, day and night, have turned the mother into a nervous wreck.
Oh, but until that second acceptance arrived, I remained a nervous wreck.
I poured so much into the book and I was a nervous wreck while waiting to hear what my editor thought.
Mike was up next and he was, essentially, a nervous wreck but a brave one.
You look around and say you'd be a nervous wreck trying to speak here.
While Bacall seems like a paragon of cool confidence in the final product, she was a nervous wreck on set.
Of course, it was not my thing and so I was a nervous wreck.
I'm actually a complete nervous wreck and shake continuously.
She was fine this time but between ticks and giant hogweed I'm a nervous wreck.
It doesn't mean you're a worrywart, a nervous wreck or in need of heavy medication.
I was a nervous wreck after sending and did not expect a reply.
But, I thought everyone else was catching them like I was, so I was a nervous wreck the rest of the day because I never caught another fish.
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She had been separated from her children for two years, she was a nervous wreck.
While he's more or less grouchy, he don't act any more like a nervous wreck than usual.
There remained only one minute in which to reduce him to a nervous wreck!
He is a nervous wreck, semi-epileptic, with crutches by his side.
I gather that she has reduced Miss Vigers to a nervous wreck already.
He has been overworking, I fear, and seems to be a nervous wreck.
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