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Against any tendency to naturalize evil, Julian sees evil as profoundly unnatural, unkind.
He is successful to the extent that he can define himself as national spokesman in order to naturalize the nation as family metaphor.
Tulips, as a rule, do not naturalize well, and most species are therefore planted annually.
This is an account of nineteenth-century efforts to naturalize alien freshwater and anadromous fish in California.
Like Europeans, Americans were eager to naturalize familiar species in their new homelands.
In other words, countries cannot, for example, allow European immigrants to naturalize while barring Haitians.
Politically and legally, this transformation takes place when we become citizens, when we naturalize.
Even the Supreme Court was not as willing to allow Asian immigrants to naturalize.
But at the same time, they are designed to naturalize death, presenting us with bodies that are slowly and unhorrifically becoming undifferentiated organic matter.
By controlling and regularizing the procedures that made families up, they sought to improve adoption's outcome and reputation as well as naturalize its product.
The United States defended its right to naturalize foreigners and rejected Britain's claim that it could legitimately practice impressment on the high seas.
One book notes that people tend to naturalize differences between men and women, but that the form that naturalization takes is culturally viable.
Thanks to drug manufacturer Eugene Schieffelin, who wanted to naturalize all the birds in Shakespeare, we share the continent with 200 million European starlings.
Indeed, this book's special virtue is to historicize and demystify the material conditions of everyday life which industrial culture has tended to naturalize.
The government refused to naturalize them without documentation.
We are regularly invited to absorb and thus to naturalize the conservatorial gaze.
Second, it enables us to see landscape as facial, that is, to naturalize the face or facialize nature.
There is also a possibility to naturalize in a simplified order, in which certain requirements will be waived.
Though Fitzhugh tried to naturalize the Reformation by characterizing it as gradualistic, he deplored the social disruption and destruction that was its heritage in Europe.
Examples from Classical Literature
A few words on the latest attempt which has been made to naturalize an exotic bird in England will not seem out of place here.
He purchased a considerable estate, and made experiments on those kinds of tillage that he hoped to naturalize in that climate.
Michigan was in all probability the first American institution to naturalize these products of Continental universities.
In 1849 a bill was passed to naturalize women who married native-born or naturalized subjects.
Pasdeloup has splendidly welcomed the illustrious guest that he endeavours to introduce and to naturalize in France.
The attempt to naturalize them in France, or any Continental nation, he regards as mischievous quackery.
In like manner the attempt to naturalize avant-courier in the shape of vancurrier has failed.
A bill to naturalize the Prince was, of course, indispensable.
However in a few locations, European oysters have managed to naturalize and have established apparently sustainable populations.
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