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A group of 350 scientists, naturalists, and volunteers found 836 species from fish and arachnids to algae and snails.
They became the first naturalists to describe several animals, including the coyote, kit fox, Oregon bobcat and the wolf of the plains.
His Romantic exoticism was the target of criticism from the naturalists such as Duranty.
The nine civilians on the expedition included two artists, two botanists, a conchologist, a geologist, two naturalists, and a philologist.
It was not long before naturalists and climatologists began to see the possible damage that was being done to the environment.
In their panoramic views of nature, many naturalists arranged human tribes into a number of natural varieties.
Fishermen have kept records of catches over the years and many naturalists and field sports people recorded sightings of mammals like the otter.
But as Johnson himself notes, many people think that they can be methodological naturalists and theists.
This was the only film until last year's discovery and a breakthrough for naturalists of the period.
Some nineteenth-century naturalists denied that animals possessed any mental qualities besides instincts.
French agricultural naturalists, whose perspective was both continental and philosophic, treated the British inquiry with careful condescension.
Our evenings will be spent participating in discussions with local naturalists and environmental activists.
In the past, naturalists relied on structural characteristics to determine the evolutionary relationships.
They meet county park naturalists, ethnobotanists, and salmon preservationists and learn about the roles these people play in their communities.
Local naturalists also say they have noticed an increased diversity of wildlife using the site.
No wonder, too, that conservationists and naturalists are horrified by plans to build an airport here.
The book includes a who's who list of past and present myrmecologists and naturalists.
I would like each one of you birders, naturalists, and bloggers to think about this and share your conclusions.
Some fishing is still permitted around the islands, but divers and naturalists are battling for a total ban.
At that time, early geologists and naturalists started trying to scientifically study the ways soils and rock layers had accumulated over time.
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Consequently, it was classed by naturalists among the rodents for many years, under the name of rock rabbit.
Now I would ask, why could these naturalists not let the nomenclature of the boors alone?
The Bryozoa have many affinities with the Mollusca, to which some naturalists consider them to belong.
Most naturalists have now agreed to place among the Bryozoa certain species of animalcules which long remained imperfectly known.
Other naturalists, or rather other dreamers, made these insects spring from the calices of sweet-scented flowers.
The Cape buffalo is regarded by naturalists as quite a distinct species from other buffaloes.
It would be useful then to send those that are found in countries not yet visited by naturalists and even the Common Market fish.
This is also a striped hyena, and nearly all naturalists have set him down as of the same species with the Hyena vulgaris.
But many naturalists insist that the colouring matter proceeds from an infusorial animalcule, the green-coloured Vibrion.
This is a very curious animal, which, like the panda and the linsang, at first misled naturalists in assigning it a place.
These fish are believed to have been menhaden, known to naturalists as brevoortia.
Modern naturalists place it in the class cryptogamia, and give it the name of Tremella nostoc.
These animals are at least ordinally distinct from us in those grades of groups in which naturalists arrange animals.
It is for such reasons that naturalists now look upon the study of varieties as more important than that of well-fixed species.
Modern naturalists identify the elk with the eland, the wisent with the auerochs.
There are other curious things about these pilot-fish that naturalists cannot explain.
The American sable or pine marten is said to have strange ways that have puzzled naturalists and hunters for years.
From this feature these Monkeys have been described by some naturalists as platyrrhine or Megarrhine.
We are indebted to the shrewd observations of Huber for a reconcilement of the Roman and the French naturalists.
The knowledge of naturalists respecting reptiles or Amphibia has been increased in a surprising manner of late years.
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