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Sentence Examples
Fluids help keep nasal passages moist, prevent dehydration, and soothe an irritated throat.
When we swallow, the soft palate closes off the nasal passages from the throat to prevent food from entering the nose.
Steam scalds the inside of your nostrils and you become aware of the tightness of the bends in the curves of your nasal passages.
The nose contains shelf-like structures called turbinates, which help trap particles entering the nasal passages.
A young woman commands an army of distorted horses through the nasal passages of a sleeping King.
Keep your nasal passages clear by gently blowing your nose, one nostril at a time.
The larva of the sheep bot fly is a parasite that lives on mucous surfaces of the nasal passages and sinuses of sheep and goats.
It works in the body specifically to reduce any allergic inflammation of the nasal passages, the bronchial airways and the throat.
A filter of Water energy woven into the nasal passages allowed the channler to catch the scents that different forms of life gave off.
The clearing out of the infant nasal passages is not something I signed up for when I acted on my biological urge to procreate.
The nasal dilator functions by increasing the area of the nasal passages, therefore decreasing resistance to airflow during nasal breathing.
You may wish to have an endoscopic examination of the nasal passages which clearly shows obstructions of the airway passages.
Exercise releases adrenaline, a natural decongestant, which may explain why a run or other activity can help clear nasal passages.
It became apparent that I have a sizeable polyp that has gained a foothold across the top of my nose, blocking both of my nasal passages.
Nose drop addiction is a vicious cycle requiring more frequent use of nose drops or spray to keep your nasal passages clear.
A driver ant is painful to a human being when it gets into the nasal passages and the eyes.
My greatest relief came from using ear candles to remove excess earwax and a neti pot, a teapot-like Ayurvedic tool, to flush warm saltwater through my nasal passages.
Tourists looking to give their nasal passages a workout should check out Japan's sulfurous hot springs, lavender blossoms and grilled eel, left, for starters.
Use a vaporizer at night to keep your nasal passages from drying out.
Excess tears are shed as teardrops or escape into the nasal passages.
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