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Sort of more sudden way is to get nicotine through either the inhalant or the nasal spray.
Because of its vasoconstrictive effects, DHE nasal spray should not be taken by patients with known ischemic heart disease or coronary vasospasm.
Smokers who used a combination of nicotine patch and nasal spray doubled their chances of remaining smoke-free for six years.
Your baby's doctor may recommend saline nose drops or saltwater nasal spray to loosen thick nasal mucus.
Drops can relieve itchy eyes, and a nasal spray helps a blocked nose and sneezing.
A 34 year old man with a history of migraine presented with palpitations after taking sumatriptan by nasal spray for a severe headache.
An advantage of the DHE nasal spray is the longer serum half-life, resulting in fewer recurrent headaches than with sumatriptan.
Among adolescents, sumatriptan nasal spray is a safe and effective method for migraine treatment.
Nicotine replacement is available as chewing gum, transdermal patch, nasal spray, inhaler, sublingual tablet, and lozenge.
Your doctor might recommend using nose drops, a nasal spray, a decongestant, or an antihistamine.
If you use a decongestant nasal spray for more than three days, watch out for rebound congestion, which makes you even more congested.
Upshot was, one nasal spray, two weeks off nursery school, constant nose-blowing and operations may not be as essential to future happiness as was previously thought.
The findings do not tell us anything about the benefits or risks of other modes of HRT administration such as patches, gels, implants or nasal spray.
If you can't avoid flying, ask your doctor for a decongestant nasal spray.
If none of the other suggestions works, try some saline nasal spray.
The prescribing information also includes boldface warnings that sumatriptan nasal spray should only be used where a clear diagnosis of migraine has been established.
All children were given a patch of eutectic mixture of local anesthetic, because midazolam does not have analgesic properties, and later were given the nasal spray.
As a nasal spray it keeps the passages moist and bacteria free, ideal for travel or ducted heating systems.
These included nicotine gum, inhaler, transdermal patch, and nasal spray.
But some will decide at some point that they want to get back on the coke and stop taking the nasal spray booster and then just wait a couple of weeks before using again.
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