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Low molecular weight oligomers were found in culture media of Chinese hamster ovary cells expressing endogenous or mutated genes.
Sure, by loose definition it can be called a game, but it has mutated into something much more grotesque than that.
Come next year these unexceptional throwbacks might have mutated into cunning reinventors.
The pigeon let out one long coo, and then, as its body began to swell and transform, the sound mutated into a low chuckle.
Somehow, they've mutated into characters who are colder, harder, and much less moral.
We had our reunion yesterday, attended by 11 of us which is a good turn out, and the day trip to France has now mutated into a weekend in Paris!
But by 2005, the European agenda has mutated into making a new class of politicians more powerful.
America, once known as the land of the free and the home of the brave, has mutated into the land of the medicated and the home of the lawsuit.
This friendship also mutated into something more, as we already had the hugging scenes, and then this.
When the mutated genes were inherited, the disinclination towards wealth exposure passed on.
The vaccine would not be effective against a mutated virus as virologists can only start work once the strain has been isolated.
He said the bug, mutated bacteria found in the gut, was identified by microbiologists several years ago and was widespread throughout the world.
As the monster travelled and mutated, it also accreted ever more complex layers of meaning.
Much of the remaining junk DNA in our genome may also turn out to be former transposable elements that have mutated beyond recognition.
New mutated forms of GFP that are more intensely fluorescent provide more avenues for its use in vertebrate systems.
But this one combines his growing sense of time with a subtly mutated idiom in an unutterably cute three-word package.
Only 15 of these genes were previously known to cause a toxin phenotype when mutated.
This gene, when mutated, severely disrupts both germ cell migration and developmental cell death.
But perhaps the dreadful birth defects and mutated plants are not evidence at all, but signs and wonders portending some great event.
Using a technique called X-ray crystallography, they worked out the virus's structure and saw that it had mutated.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Bacteria was piped in, first the known germ diseases, then mutated species.
It is not until much later times that the h in the mutated forms of the tenues, or the use of the dot, was extended to the mediae.
Either accident or a mutated gene had warped his spine, hunching him forward in eternally bent supplication.
But some Neisseriea gonorrheoeae, the bacterium that causes gonorrhea, mutated in ways that allowed them to survive the antibiotic onslaught.
You have recognized that we are not mutated members of your race.
Yet it was possible that they had mutated beyond genetic compatibility.
Scientists became concerned in October 2013 that the mutated fungus was seen on black currant plants that were said to be immune in New Hampshire.
Pedestrianism mutated from the rough terrain tradition of Guto Nyth Brn via racing along tramways and canals into modern athletics and the Olympics.
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