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My more muddled position is that bringing Paine's words and ideas into our world is like trying to plant cut flowers.
The tale is muddled in its telling, with a clutter of secondary characters.
The two teams certainly entered into the seasonal spirit, if a little confusion muddled the role-playing.
He might have got it slightly muddled up from time to time, but he always knew.
The story is pretty generic and the action scenes vary in quality, some were crisp and exiting, others were muddled, digitally-enhanced blurs.
The result is a somewhat muddled, yet quite trackable, series of sugarcoated philosophical quandaries that go down like chocolate-covered fish.
Initially, the intentions of the West in intervening were muddled and unclear.
Despite good supporting work from Keener, the film flounders with muddled pacing and a confusing point of view.
Outside, the sky was muddled with the darkest blues and somber blacks, though it did not look menacing.
Yet I still felt muddled, as the breastwork became more defined in the clouds of smoke from the firing of muskets.
Both have severe range limitations, but the mono is cleaner and not as muddled as the stereo.
Stylistically, the language was riddled with neologisms and foreign terms, and the composition was muddled by excessive ornaments.
It is unfair and unjust that so much muddled thinking has informed the debate right from the beginning.
He felt silly that he'd allowed her muddled ravings to addle him in the first place.
Her hearing and sense of touch were perfect if not a bit muddled but for the life of her she could not move one muscle.
The moral may have become muddled over the centuries, but the music the story is set to remains wonderful.
A muddled Mr North came last, answering only five correct questions in the allotted time.
It sounded like a terrific idea, but somehow got extremely muddled along the way.
Eventually, by its own lights, the movie stands or falls by what it has to say about race, and this is pusillanimous and muddled.
That's maybe it, muddled up as it was with schoolboy ideas of roaming the world's seas on endless adventures.
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Examples from Classical Literature
They knew Mrs. Hilary to be a muddled bigot, whose mind was stuffed with concrete instances and insusceptible of abstract reason.
Before the muddled insects could crawl into a crack, the mutilator was upon them, and had bolted every one.
The officially registered impression affords clear lineations, but that on the bit of glass panel is muddled and smudgy.
Their own thinking was so muddled, their views of life so out of gear.
Dr. Downie was frightened, and Panky so muddled as to be hors de combat.
Please place your money on the cards or I may get muddled in the reckoning.
Inside his muddled head, however, he was chuckling to himself.
That morning, in his glass cage, he muddled his columns several times.
It muddled her like wine, or like a first breath of freedom.
But I'd liefer you'd hearn the truth concernin myseln, fro my lips than fro onny other man's, though I never cud'n speak afore so monny, wi'out bein moydert and muddled.
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