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They were forced to move out of their home in the upmarket Morningside area of Edinburgh.
So if the airplane is travelling faster than the speed of sound, the air cannot move out of the way.
Last year they put the fear of God in us that our homes were going to fall down around our ears and that we would need to move out immediately.
The Rajputs fought back, during which groups of people were displaced or forced to move out of desolated areas.
She wanted to more than double her income, and she was itching to move out of her 2,400-square-foot split-level home in the suburbs.
Once up and running, they are expected to move out of the centre and into the business park or other nearby premises.
Macedonians move out of apartment blocks and neighbourhoods populated by Albanians.
The four shuttles quickly lifted off and buzzed back toward Base-One, leaving the marines to move out.
Azhion rode up in front of them all, told them to mount up, and gave the hand signal for all to move out.
Instead, he had sent Afan on to rally the forces left in Nottingham to move out and meet Arthur in battle once more.
Nothing can move out of the task force without an affirmative vote of its private-sector members.
Well, you're talking about millions trying to move out of harm's way and the fact the storm is moving very slowly.
They're continuing to move out of harm's way into safer regions of the state.
On reaching the pedestrian area three dismounted and one carried on regardless making shoppers move out of her way.
They were forced to move out of their home, in the upmarket Morningside area of Edinburgh, and into care when old age caught up with them.
He was then standing in the street ranting and raving and my dad asked him to move out the way, and the guy said he would be back.
Older people with greater income and more assets tend to move out of the city and into suburbs.
Superannuants will inevitably have to move out of those areas to be able to live and afford to pay their way.
Fans want to know where the money went from three separate share issues, and why Milne is so keen to move out of Pittodrie.
Not hearing any, I open the door and move out into the hall and over to my parents' closed bedroom door.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Gilbert put his arm in Henry's and made him move out of the Savoy courtyard.
As they blasted, Strett's satellite began to move out of its orbit.
At the word, they move out, shoulder to shoulder, at common time.
The small denizens of the wilderness hardly took pains to move out of her path.
One funny move out of you and I'll blast your ship into protons!
Webber beckoned and she nudged him to move out of the flitter.
Now if we remain here we shall die of hunger, and if we move out we shall be strung up on the gallows.
Despite the protectionist rodomontades of some of Europe's leading politicians, manufacturing industries continue to move out of the high-cost Western European theatre.
It seems the motive for the attack was nothing more than bloody-mindedness, leading to the youths attacking him when he simply asked them to move out of the road.
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