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I might be sticking my neck out, but I would like to suggest that we might just be on the cusp of momentous change.
Within a day of arriving we felt so relaxed that the most momentous decision we faced was deciding where to eat.
For the dedicated runner, a more perfect start to this momentous week could not be imagined.
The judge acknowledged he was making a momentous decision, and few would have wished to take his place.
It was without doubt a momentous occasion and one of the most significant developments in Laois.
People do not make momentous decisions like these by trying to predict how much pleasure each choice might bring them.
It was described by visitors as a memorable event to celebrate a momentous occasion.
The effects of such a response could be experienced as momentous and far reaching.
After the momentous events of 1953 the men from the expedition shared a rare friendship.
The strategic results of his audacious decision were momentous and did much to shape the war in this region.
Committing troops to battle is the most momentous decision any Prime Minister can make.
He is right to say that this is the most momentous election of our lifetimes.
One way or another, it is promising to be a momentous week in the history of York City Football Club.
The prospect of a single currency may present this country with one of the most momentous decisions in its history.
It may be no stretch to say that the win could go down as a momentous one in the annals of United's history.
At momentous times in the history of the nation we look for guidance from our leaders.
Obviously with projects this momentous there's bound to be a touch of skullduggery.
Sure, it had only been a move next door, but it was still momentous for me, and for Ian.
Indeed, the proliferation of aggressive non-bank credit creation has provided momentous fuel for this historic boom.
This momentous step means that one of Europe's leading economies will be nuclear-free by the time The Ecologist's 60th birthday arrives.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The decision was as momentous in its results as the annexation of Basutoland.
When set free from these momentous duties, we got an army to horse for Qandahr under the strong insistance of bq Chaghnn.
The bath had become a part of the daily life as momentous as the cna itself, which it regularly preceded.
There was a momentous promise in his gravity, a hint of catastrophe in the tilt of his head.
But this is rambling far from the momentous twenty-first of June, my day of triumph.
So our hero was at length fairly started on his momentous mission, with its secret yet undivulged.
How can I be, when I think of the momentous change that awaits me, and of all I have to leave?
But of all the changes in the village, the most momentous to me was the change in yen Sin.
I had no suspicion then how momentous they were, but afterwards I had occasion to rue them.
It is the evening of sedan, the most momentous victory of the century.
Arthur cut, armed with an exeat, and made the momentous purchase.
She knew the fire alarm signals and when anything momentous was afoot.
Scrapbook makers documented their feelings about momentous public events such as living through the Civil War, mediated through the newspapers.
Other momentous results followed on the invention of the cotton gin.
But this glorification of him wrought a momentous effect in the South.
It proved a momentous night for Martin, for after dinner he met Russ Brissenden.
Although Insider is disappointed to learn that their reunion was perhaps not quite as maritally momentous as first appeared.
Effect of announcement, unexpected, momentous, was stupefying.
It is of moment to her soul, and, therefore, as the worshipful Governor says, momentous to thine own, ill whose charge hers is.
To you, my friends, every occurrence of that momentous period is already familiar.
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