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Based on fundamentalist revolutionary ideas, Fascism defines itself through intense xenophobia, militarism, and supremacist ideals.
The film functions best in its role as a critique of militarism, jingoism and fundamentalism.
We must concentrate on creating conditions to restrain militarism and military adventurism in the world.
It is bound up entirely with the underlying program of militarism abroad and social reaction at home.
The White House agenda of militarism and social reaction is not some accident, nor is it merely the whim of certain right-wing individuals.
Neither the militarism nor the pacifism of that earlier conflict was echoed now.
Therefore, it came with a heavy baggage of chauvinist-nationalism and militarism.
Based on this standpoint, we oppose every form of militarism and nationalism.
You're out to expose imperialism, militarism, and nationalism for what they really are.
Nearly 60 years after the defeat at Stalingrad killed 110,000 Germans, the country's citizens remain profoundly mistrustful of militarism.
The militarism and ultranationalism of this ideology needs no further testimony.
Almost sixty years later, Japanese militarism remains the great bugaboo of East Asian politics.
He was a lifelong opponent of militarism and oppression, and he became a committed socialist.
Its war-like roots predispose it to militarism and the rule of the physically strong.
They want lively narrative, bold handling of intrepid if not downright heroic characters, and an unflinching recognition of our past militarism.
This investor confidence underscores the symbiotic relationship between financial parasitism and militarism.
Not wanting to be outdone by Reagan and his cohorts, Democratic Party politicians took every opportunity to promote anticommunism and militarism.
Faithfully confessing Christ is the church's task, and never more so than when its confession is co-opted by militarism and nationalism.
In fact the West may begin to lose their local instantiations of these practices as a direct result of on ongoing policy of militarism.
He had come cordially to dislike the aggressive, arrogant militarism he had seen in Berlin.
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Examples from Classical Literature
One of the Menshevik orators attempted incidentally to represent me as a defender of militarism in general.
Then we will whip German militarism in industry out of the markets of the world.
The Romans seem to have adopted the Greek view, but they were prepared for it by militarism.
There is firstly that obtrusive militarism from which we cannot for a moment escape.
We have no satire yet on militarism, or imperialism, or the Monroe doctrine.
The Allgoods have been a military line, and this may account for Lovecraft's militarism and belief in the justice of war.
It unites in a terrible synthesis all the worst agencies and methods of tsarism and of militarism.
Nonetheless, a cartoon from the Kaiser's time depicts such militarism well.
As a nation we do not believe in war or militarism or evangelism.
Elijah Gryce abounded in military metaphors and in denunciations of militarism.
Even before the horrors of the 20th century, Keir Hardie could see the dangers of militarism.
Adopting the stable draughtsmanship of 50s cartoons, it puts the iron boot into coercive militarism.
In the Landtag Liebknecht recommenced his fight against militarism.
I do not and have never condoned Adolf Hitler's policies of hatred, militarism and genocide.
And for some time he continued his dissertation upon Imperialism, militarism, and international politics.
That is a path most likely to ensure isolation and ineffectuality, and to leave the public forum to those invested in perpetuating the militarism that permeates our society.
The organisers were adamant that the march should not be taken over by militarism or jingoism, but was a day to celebrate the vibrant multicultural community in Wales.
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