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And then in a large bowl, I melted 5 ounces of bittersweet chocolate and 10 tablespoons of butter in the microwave.
Most of the statue will be melted down and used to make a memorial in Texas.
The metal shavings from drilling the original holes were melted down, and poured back to fill the holes seamlessly.
Stir in gelatine until it has melted, cool slightly then quickly stir in the yoghurt mixture.
The snow was white powdered sugar that quickly melted on the hot banana, just like real snow does when falling onto the ground.
Salts conduct electricity well when melted or when dissolved in water or some other solvents but not when they are solid.
When the sugar has melted, add all the ingredients, except raisins and salt.
Add cocoa, white sugar and vanilla and zap in the microwave until it is melted together.
Each dumpling melted in my mouth, the creamy tomato hitting my taste buds almost as an afterthought.
Each model is unique, and individually disassembled, cut, melted, filed, smashed, then reassembled to replicate a real fender bender.
Generous chunks of creamy white reblochon cheese were melted over the potatoes in a large black pan and herbs liberally sprinkled on top.
The bell was melted down and recast, then rung carefully for special events.
Fortunately, bloom does not affect the flavour or melting properties of chocolate and disappears once the chocolate is melted.
The images in front of my eyes began flying by so quickly, I was no longer able to focus and pretty soon, they'd melted into one big grey blob.
In Sydney, ice sculptures of kangaroos and koalas melted during a protest by green groups over Australia's refusal to ratify the pact.
Winter urban areas see so much traffic that snow gets melted only to refreeze as ice, which makes the roads dangerous.
Other more localized areas appear to have melted over broad regions and blocks of ice have foundered, tilted, and become refrozen.
Dousing myself in the pool offered about the same amount of refreshment as a melted ice-cream cone.
These alloys must be melted carefully under an oxidizing atmosphere and heated to the proper furnace temperature.
Continuous power was required to maintain the temperature in a furnace in which metal was melted.
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