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They have got to start seriously engaging with their own MPs and they will not do that just by shouting at us through a megaphone.
You'd almost think that the mainstream media have become an echo chamber for a megaphone with right-wing crazies shouting into it, wouldn't you?
It's all part of what the American ambassador here calls the pope's moral megaphone.
The large ship lowered down, as the megaphone boomed out a cry from three different voices.
The Police have even been forced to use a megaphone to ask the mobs to disperse.
Down the road at Vauxhall car plant a shop steward with a megaphone addressed a factory gate meeting.
A authoritative, though not particularly menacing voice was heard, speaking through a megaphone.
Spotting a small group of shoppers seeking protection from the cold in a bus shelter, he turns his megaphone in their direction.
What he is talking about is not really astroturfing, but rather the granting of some individuals a big megaphone.
Wilkes' trademark vocal sound is a dry megaphone rasp, and he alternates it with savage harmonica outbursts.
I felt myself reaching for the megaphone to release that energy and wairua.
If we want a megaphone to the rest of the world, we must explicitly ask for it by changing that setting ourselves.
And thanks to camera phones and Twitter, the media megaphone and its ability to be snarky is at an all-time high.
More campaign dollars and a louder megaphone are by themselves not enough to win swing states.
By using his mighty megaphone for raunchy name calling, Rush Limbaugh has handed the Democrats a big fat gift.
Those in the front heard her voice coming around the sides of the megaphone, those in the back heard the amplified version, and the clump in the middle heard echoes.
Turn that megaphone around and use feedback you receive on the crowdsourcing and social media platforms as consumer feedback.
The other hand can be cupped like a megaphone to direct the sound.
Reading Stirring the Pot is like having a Day-Glo, dumb-feminism-for-dummies megaphone blasted into your ears.
As Part Two evinced, Paine was much more than a talented popularizer of advanced ideas, a megaphone for the enlightenment project against kingcraft, lordcraft and priestcraft.
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In this hush the megaphone was lifted slightly and dropped, making us all start.
Almost symbolically he holds and gesticulates with a megaphone in his left hand.
It was the voice of Mr. isidore screeching upon him through the megaphone.
We need some sort of megaphone to enlarge the spirit-voices.
Then he went to the corner of the office and picked up a megaphone.
The man on the Lady Mine laughed back through the megaphone.
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