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Did it actually cause misandry in real life? Some reviewers, referring to misandric jokes and sitcoms, asked a few of their male friends or colleagues if they felt threatened.
In these instances, the male will first attempt to intimidate the other fish.
The House of Tudor was an English royal house of Welsh origin, descended in the male line from the Tudors of Penmynydd.
Brown rats usually live in small colonies with up to six females sharing a burrow and one male defending a territory around the burrow.
In these cases, the male is equipped with a pair of modified pelvic fins known as claspers.
If the competitor does not flee, the male will eventually attack it to force it away, and the confrontation turns physical.
Spawning success also varies according to male size relative to female size.
In response, a female will adopt a threatening posture and attack a male before flying away, pursued by the male.
When a breeding male encounters a subordinate family member, it may stare at it, standing erect and still with the tails horizontal to its spine.
When only the fittest male remains, the female stops and allows him to copulate.
An occasional male of the Pacific subspecies far exceeds normal dimensions.
Prespawning courtship involves fin displays and male grunting, which leads to pairing.
In December 1883, a male humpback swam up the Firth of Tay in Scotland, past what was then the whaling port of Dundee.
For example, during agonistic encounters, male cuttlefish adopt a pattern called the Intense Zebra Pattern, considered to be an honest signal.
At breeding time, the male courts the female by following her around closely.
Sometimes several toads form a heap, each male trying to grasp the female at the base.
There are many colour forms of the male common pheasant, ranging in colour from nearly white to almost black in some melanistic examples.
The male displays in front of her, attracting other males, which also pursue and display to the female.
The male may then offer the female a stick which she incorporates into the nest.
A male duck is called a drake and the female is called a duck, or in ornithology a hen.
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