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A similar trend was observed for succinate, and for malate plus glutamate oxidation, by digitonin-permeabilized fibroblasts.
In contrast, such carbon sources as malate, propionate, and citrate did not activate germination.
Initial positions of the malate molecules and sodium ions were assigned by the following procedure.
In leaves, Ni appears to be associated mainly with organic acids, such as citrate, malate and malonate.
The concentrations of chloride, malate, and citrate were also affected in the mutant.
The major organic anions found in pear leaf apoplastic fluid were citrate, ascorbate and malate, the latter being the major anion.
Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that malate supports very high rates of fatty acid synthesis in isolated leucoplasts from developing seeds.
To balance the influx of positive charge, organic anions, principally malate, and chloride are also accumulated.
Malic enzyme catalyses the reductive decarboxylation of malate to pyruvate.
Rates of incorporation of carbon from malate, pyruvate, and acetate are expressed on an acetate-equivalent basis.
These authors suggested that malate, synthesized from stored starch, was a possibility for the dibasic anion.
Ten minutes after adding malate, we again pipetted the supernatant from the same dish into other test tubes.
In either case, organic acids like citrate and malate are synthesized to enable the plant to survive under phosphorus deficiency.
Thus, malate produced following PEP carboxylation is readily decarboxylated and the CO 2 released.
The tonoplast of K. daigremontiana mesophyll cells exhibits circadian behaviour of malate retention under constant darkness.
Some products contain citrulline malate, which is simply citrulline attached to malic acid.
The metabolites considered are pyruvate, malate and citrate.
Under phosphorus-deficient conditions, plants generally exude a greater quantity of organic acids such as citrate, malate, and succinate from roots to the rhizosphere.
The best-studied CAM models produce predominantly starch in the chloroplast as the transitory carbon reserve to support nocturnal carboxylation and malate synthesis.
Linolenic acid in association with malate or fumarate increased CLA production and reduced methane generation by rumen microbes.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Lieutenant Grow went with his battery to the Philippines, and during the fighting at malate distinguished himself.
But the Thirty-fourth was temporarily stationed in big nipa barracks at malate.
South of the walled city lie two rather fashionable residence suburbs, Ermita and malate.
July 31 a battle was waged at malate, a small town half way between Cavite and Manila.
Made with tartrate of manganese, as syrup of malate of manganese.
Further on in the same street is this convent of ours at malate.
The new settlement of La Hermita and malate may be all one administration.
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