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As it is I feel like a killer, and it's more than a little macabre having a Chamber Of Death in the corner of the lounge.
Over one hundred people were reportedly killed in this macabre death of dance.
It had scores of documentary photographs of case studies and procedures, and was not nearly as macabre as it may sound.
The film simply lacks the textured macabre atmosphere necessary to truly terrify and ensorcell.
More macabre was the tailor's dummy strung up from a noose dangling off scaffolding on a building being demolished on Micklegate.
But even though the college has left its grisly past behind, it's hard to dissociate it from the macabre tales of its early beginnings.
It has a suitably macabre way of disposing of its victims, by detaching the head and ripping out the hypothalamus.
People rot in jail awaiting trial, making the constitutional guarantee of a speedy trial a macabre joke.
And what happened next was 70 persons butchered and burnt in a macabre dance of death.
Modern pharmaceutical research is playing Dr Hart's law out on a macabre global scale.
Her reading consisted of a staple diet of lurid romances and whodunits, and her thoughts tended towards the macabre.
She described a macabre scene of champagne corks popping, couples dancing and wild singing as the shelterers got increasingly drunk.
The triumphant success of this gangster paradigm lies in the script's wit and macabre irony.
Their work has brought them into contact with some macabre, yet scientifically fascinating, specimens.
Creep is a gory bloodbath, with enough macabre incidents of torture to put it up near the video nasty shelf.
The Archbishop Turpin, disturbed by this macabre turn of events, decided to examine the corpse.
Up to about 1918 he painted scenes of nature that have an obsessive, macabre quality, often based on childhood memories and fantasies.
In a macabre move, his party has decided to keep its deceased leader as its head until after this week's elections.
Ms Taylor has spoken about how her daughter spent a lot of time in suicide chatrooms with a macabre obsession with death.
But the goal of this film is not to tell a story, it's to develop a reputation by stringing together a series of macabre scenes.
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Examples from Classical Literature
This beautiful book is on vellum, with the same danse macabre as in the preceding, but the other cuts are different.
Just in time the music came to an abrupt end, and the danse macabre was done.
Yet they issued from the same vocal chords, unless Forth was having a reasonless, macabre joke.
And if these meetings had their macabre side, I hope it was hidden at least from my guests.
For as I write doubts dance like macabre figures among my words.
There is nothing morbid, macabre or gloomy about the writing and reading of obituaries, because they praise the dead and comfort the living.
It was like a macabre march of struggling corpses towards a distant grave.
Another beautiful volume on vellum, with the same danse macabre.
Misson seems to regard the old danse macabre as the work of Holbein.
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