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On Gawsworth church tower this shield has, in addition, two lozenges in fess.
Local anaesthetics, for example benzocaine and lignocaine are used in both lozenges and throat sprays.
The base also displays the same striping as the sides, whereas a cross section of ivory shows concentric lozenges.
The yard goods usually had small-scale repeat patterning, often a simple diamond grid, a mixture of thin stripes and diamonds, or small lozenges.
Many of the stones are engraved with ornamentations such as spirals, interconnecting loops, lozenges, and circles with lines emanating from them.
Sucking of lozenges and pastilles produces saliva which lubricates and soothes inflamed tissues and washes infecting organisms off them.
For a sore throat, try lozenges obtained from your chemist, who is pleased to offer advice.
But considering all the evidence, you're better off taking zinc lozenges than echinacea the next time you feel a cold coming on.
In cough drops and lozenges, gum arabic soothes irritated mucous membranes.
If careful cleaning and hygiene has not helped you may be prescribed medicated tablets or lozenges, which should be sucked slowly.
Throat lozenges with menthol, a local anesthetic, can temporarily relieve a raw, scratchy sore throat.
The lozenges should relieve your pain quickly on the first day, but continue taking them to fight the virus causing the sore throat.
Most of the Mfengu designs of that period were lozenges, broken lines, triangles, and stripes.
Small lozenges surround it, their delicate patina evoking the gold and silver dust traditionally applied to Japanese lacquerware.
Nicotine replacement products are available as gum, patches, inhalers, nasal sprays or lozenges.
Also, take cough drops, throat lozenges or hard candy, which will make you salivate, keeping your throat wet and suppressing coughing.
I imagine her lozenges and the recovering man's cough mixture contained enough mild sedatives to hook them.
Dusty pink flowered silk damask was twisted into an evening gown slashed at the sides to reveal little lozenges of flesh.
Self-help measures for a sore throat include gargling with salt water or sucking on throat lozenges.
In Bulatov's painting, lozenges of prismatic hues float out of the deep space of a black ground.
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Examples from Classical Literature
No creatures of their age had taken such quantities of Ching's lozenges, Godbold's elixir, or Dixon's antibilious pills.
Bronchial subjects who have been confining themselves to black currant lozenges on patriotic grounds will welcome the news.
It is obvious that the mouth and throat cannot be disinfected by these lozenges.
It is used in perfumery and in the manufacture of pastilles, also for flavoring confectionery, as in tolu lozenges.
The drug stores are full of troches, lozenges and compounds for speakers and singers.
There is generally a stark tree form between the lozenges, in a peacock blue color.
The sprays and lozenges already mentioned are useful in this variety of pharyngitis also.
Even if David could have bribed Jacob with perpetual lozenges, an idiot's secrecy is itself betrayal.
He found nothing missing, but he found this box full of lozenges, which he knows quite well was half full before you went in.
She was supplied with a roll of the lozenges and munched them gravely.
Divide into 350 lozenges, and finish as with benzoic acid lozenges.
It is best administered in lozenges prepared with sugar and tragacanth.
Used in coughs as an anodyne and demulcent, in lieu of opium lozenges.
The change applies to over-the-counter nicotine replacement products such as nicotine gum, transdermal nicotine patches and nicotine lozenges.
David raised the lids and shook his head, while Jacob put his finger in and took out a guinea to taste whether the metamorphosis into lozenges was complete and satisfactory.
David Faux, thought he had achieved a triumph of cunning when he had associated himself in his brother's rudimentary mind with the flavour of yellow lozenges.
Corvisart gave me these lozenges but they don't help at all.
We had quite a nice time, although I understood why Dan objected to them when they patted us all on the head and told us whom we resembled and gave us peppermint lozenges.
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