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Ultimately, it's a completely empty, vacuous product, carefully crafted to make lots and lots of money.
Television stations spend lots of money and plenty of time practicing newscasts on a new studio set before they use it on the air.
Eventually, they broke into the main vault of the bank with the hope of finding lots of money, jewellery or perhaps gold.
The bankers told us it was a fantastic opportunity to create a separate entity, spin it off, and make lots of money.
Others have experienced in their lives some sort of cataclysmic event, and now they make lots of money telling everyone else about it.
Not necessarily incompetent, they are opportunists who seize the chance to make lots of money for doing relatively little work.
Taking the time to find good, free schwag will save you lots of money in the long run.
In that case, why were they continuing to ask for lots of money to do the research they've already done?
It is only a very small percentage of people in the cinema field who make lots and lots of money.
He had lots of money but most of it was tied up in fairly long term investments.
The industry makes lots of money, without having to worry at all about the quality of film as an art form.
Save up your pennies before you go to save wasting lots of money you haven't got.
And I, uh, gave lots of money to the religion of my choice, AND their chosen political party.
Unsurprisingly, it concluded that he is a fantastic footballer, a great dresser and makes lots of money for his family, which is good of him.
Although money isn't everything, there are people with lots of money who are defeated in primaries and general elections.
Help us raise lots of money for our three hospices or I'll slap the bake off ye!
They should just put out an honesty box and make lots of money.
As long as there are institutions with lots of money and an interest in seeking rents and favors, there will be corruption, and more mundane influence peddling.
Still, compared to important experiences like meeting my husband and having my kids, having lots of money doesn't seem to be an experience worth knocking yourself out for.
The tradeoff was that they had two years to tone down their riskiest trading, which involved borrowing lots of money on each bet.
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But do you know, we're getting to spend lots of money for little, no-account things.
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