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The South lost the Civil War, but it did not thereby lose its dedication to white supremacy.
He had the patience to lose the first three to sucker me in for the last one.
After watching him lose that my friends and I treated him to breakfast and bid him adieu.
It's inevitable that as one moves from one place to another, it is easy to lose touch with friends and acquaintances.
If you are found to vent that refrigerant in any way that was preventable, you could lose your licence and you'll be out of business.
Villagers have been warned they could lose their church if controversial phone mast proposals are not accepted.
Does he lose his sense of power if he doesn't wear the pants in the family?
As discussed in physical description above, rabbitfishes lose their color at nightfall and may also change color if threatened.
Increased activity of the thyroid gland makes the small fish lose their rainbow-like markings and adopt a silvery sheen.
The residents raised Cain about the police and said they didn't want to lose their identity.
If he accepts the proposal, the NIU would be left with only nine members and would lose its status as a group.
How many times have you seen a horse blow up in the show ring, or jig down the trail, lose his concentration, or refuse to go in the trailer?
Lose a spouse and find another, lose a job and retrain for another, give up mountaineering and take up rambling.
We spend a lot to eat junk food like pizza, Coke and spend again to lose weight.
We don't like to think about it, but what if you lose your job or the roof of your house caves in?
Apply this principle across the board to other areas of life and you lose more than you gain.
The bag was beginning to lose its resistance, and so the box was a little warped where the damp had seeped through.
Even should they lose in the quarter-finals, it is that match, not the France game, that will be remembered.
A man can lose a contract from publishers by spending their advance on finishing a book for another publisher.
These nights always attract a large crowd, and turn out to be most enjoyable, even if you lose your shirt.
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