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He is someone we can respect and look up to, but he's not so high above us that we feel low and downtrodden.
They are players that the younger lads look up to and most importantly learn from.
Leaving aside the religious connotations of the word, an idol in the realm of pop culture is someone that people look up to and engage with.
He is the kind of person that people want to look up to and respect as a leader.
How shall we ever admire our civic leaders if we cannot look up to them, to see a white silk glove raised in blessing, a ringed-hand greeting?
My step-father on the other hand is the paragon of a father figure and someone I can look up to as a role model.
There was no need for me to look up to find every single pair of hungry wolf eyes glaring at me, fangs bared and growling.
I don't have many racing drivers as heroes because they can do things that I can do, in a sort of way, so I don't really look up to them.
Little did she realise that a month later, she would be asleep on the sofa and look up to see him staring her in the face.
He always gives 100 per cent week in, week out, is a very consistent player and is somebody youngsters can look up to.
He's very bright and intelligent and he's, honestly, probably the most wonderful person to look up to.
There's no greater feeling for a neophyte author than having an unpublished writer look up to you as a mentor.
Surely there are bird colonels and experienced combat leaders in today's Army whom the cadets could look up to and learn from.
I used to deliver milk to her house on my milk round, and sometimes I'd look up to her bedroom window and she'd be there watching for me.
I feel a few gentle taps on the top of my head, and look up to see a man looking down at me.
No matter how tall I grow I'll still have to look up to you, you big lanky ganch.
Are these so-called models and celebrities really people we could look up to and learn from?
She and the two men were on the very edge of the desert, where there was nothing but a clear, sapphire blue sky to look up to.
She walks around with some strange sense of entitlement and ego, thanks to her own narcissism and dumb fans who strangely look up to her!
Red coralroot orchids, pale irises, white-flowered thimbleberry, and tanoak look up to madrones that would be the giants of any other forest.
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The rookies, too, look up to you as a kingpin pitcher and batter, and theyll be just clay in your hands.
The servants didn't look up to her pa and me very much, but they'd jump through hoops all the time for her.
He is the chief dignitary of the borough, and the very pigs look up to him with a sentiment of reverence.
By fault of our dulness and selfishness we are looking up to nature, but when we are convalescent, nature will look up to us.
This amounts to idiocy, and once the damaging fact is established, thoughtful people will cease to look up to him, the sentimental will cease to fondle him.
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