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The day ended with a ragged second half that was still a long sight better than last year's game.
When hyperopia or long sight is the pre-existing refractive condition the ability to focus near object is also lost at 40 years of age.
A significant proportion of the EMI students chose Options C and D, indicating that many of them could not distinguish between the effects of short sight and long sight.
You can be old and have your short or long sight surgically corrected.
I was diagnosed with long sight in my right eye when I was about six years old, and wore glasses until I was about seventeen when I gave them up in a fit of vanity.
Some conditions such as short or long sight, eye muscle co-ordination problems and most lazy eyes can be corrected, and glasses are not always necessary.
You are likely to be a good candidate if you are affected by short sight, known as myopia, or long sight, which is hyperopia.
Between the long sight radius and good trigger, it was easy to shoot up to the pistol's potential.
However, instead of growing out of these errors, the eyes of children with Down's syndrome either retain or develop more short or long sight.
Its range of procedures can treat short sight, long sight and astigmatism.
Long sight Also known as hypermetropia, this occurs when the power of the eye is too weak or the eyeball is too short.
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