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Like their last album it takes a couple of listens before it really starts to appeal, as the songs aren't very hooky.
His expression has mellowed and he listens calmly as I begin to tell my story.
We sing for four to four-and-a-half hours, and everyone listens till the end.
Either no one listens, or you get all carried away and proclaim yourselves as prophets, and it all ends in tears and fireballs.
Off ice, he listens to mostly classical music from the minimalists like Philipp Glass and Steve Reich to the romantics of Tchaikovsky.
So Antoine polishes off his first drink, calls her on his cell, and listens to her repeat she's coming, she's coming.
But then, I seldom have the sense that Miller ever listens to the music of the operas he directs.
The band listens on wedge monitors, but Brown uses a Shure PSM600 ear monitor in one ear.
He is alert, listens carefully to question after question and scans his answers as if to check them for accuracy.
She complains that I don't talk to her and then she wonders why I get so angry because she never listens or hears anything I say.
Abstractedly she listens as her daughter, standing up straight in an onrush of light at the open kitchen door, talks to a deliveryman.
Occasionally he crosses his arms, then uncrosses them as he listens to my every word, nodding in understanding.
Poincare once observed, there may be questions that we choose to ask, but others ask themselves, sometimes for centuries, while no one listens.
No one listens to reason, everything is based on which way the winds of politics are blowing.
The White House listens to these outraged voices but considers them more a nuisance than genuine problem.
But give it a few more listens, and they're begging to borrow the album and return it six months later.
Although perhaps less immediate than their debut, after repeated listens, the beauty of the tracks begins to emerge.
Reclining on the futon, he gazes upon goldfish and koi swirling in the nearby pond and listens to softly falling water.
She steps inside the sculpture, listens and exclaims in delight as the wind resonates in the bottles and surrounds her with music.
It's short, spunky, catchy, and, surprisingly for a lot of pop bands in this age, doesn't stale after repeated listens.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He who listens to parthenope, Ligeia and Leucosia must stay with them for ever, listening spellbound to the song until he dies.
Then I listens, and don't hear nothin' only a kina wallerin' noise an' a slobber like he was gulpin' mud.
In practice, the Assembly listens to the reading of bills drawn up by its presidium and then votes unanimous approval.
And she, tired of her claustral existence, tired of her mother's reproaches, at last listens to the pleadings of her suitor.
She listens to him with pleasure, in her innocence and trustfulness, and kisses him softly.
She says she can sputter and rage and laugh, and he just listens and quiets her down.
The good deacon sits in his pew and listens to the unfolding of proofs of election or foreordination.
But she listens to the music just as Nydia might do if she were here now.
Whats the good of that wigged fellow reading when no one listens to him?
He listens to the representatives of ruffianism, counting them first.
She listened as one listens to the words of a king when he passes judgement for life or for death.
Mr. Connery listens to the story in a surprise that he hardly conceals.
Why, therefore, should one not value oneself at a groat as one listens in fear and trembling to the roar and turmoil of the city?
Eudora, what is it within us, that listens where there is no sound?
Mind you, he also listens to techno on the move and once trashed a priceless vintage car on the lawn of a stately home.
We take a less gloomy view of our errors now our father confessor listens to us over his egg and coffee.
The agent heard him placidly, as one who listens to a curious tale.
Back In The Box, Easy Money and Dynamo are the first three tracks and are all instantly catchy and stand up well to further listens.
If then a man listens like a stone, what profit is there to the reviler?
She rouses and listens, then the little hand creeps into his beseechingly.
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