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Immediately, he sat up, his body taut and rigid as he strained to listen to their conversation.
One listen to this album, though, and such doubts will be banished from the minds of all but the most cynical of geography buffs.
I used to listen to your breathing for hours after you fell asleep at night.
The evidence is there and we will continue to demand a fair hearing until those in power sit up and listen to the truth.
You can then choose to listen to the recorded voice message which is a translation of the original text.
She kept her eyes closed, content to listen to the ringing sounds of her friend's voice.
Under a subscription or rent-a-tune model, you can listen to a boatload of music for a lot less loot than on a buy-only download site.
She felt all her hairs rising as she continued to stare at the static of the television and listen to its noise.
I'm comfortable here, and content to listen to the screech owl outside and the gentle creaking of the house as it settles for the night.
Be human in your approach to this delicate situation and the employee will be that much more willing to listen to you.
Meekness involves being childlike in approachableness and willing to listen to others.
There was this big concert when people on one side of the wall played rock music for people on the other side to listen to.
Those who like to listen to long wave on the radio will have to do without, as only AM and FM are provided.
In the UK, more people now listen to radio than watch TV, for the first time in many years.
I love to just sit on the rocks for hours and watch and listen to the ocean.
You can listen to the audio of his speech here, and follow his charts and research here.
To watch and listen to these young boys and girls who were so obviously enjoying what they were doing was great.
Just smile, sample her medicinal marijuana, and listen to the story that must be told.
They want to tell us all what we can and cannot watch, read, listen to or think about.
When free, he likes to listen to music, watch movies or spend time with his family.
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