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The blue light receptor has been considered to be the only light receptor that induces a phototropic response.
We exploit the dependence of the oscillation frequency on light intensity to generate both photophobic and phototropic movement of the gel.
The cell phone is thin and light and therefore very convenient to carry around.
As part of the experiment, students manipulated light and temperature to see how it affected the plants.
Red light decreases the phototropic sensitivity of corn.
The light bulb was one of the most important inventions of the 19th century.
He wore a black frock coat and light trousers, his cravat a gray four-in-hand.
She almost forgot Toby while she was bathed in this flustering brilliance of light and noise.
A light feveret, or an old quartan ague, is not a sufficient excuse for non-appearance.
Just so, light beaded on tin lanterns, drops fanfared from sprinklers, minnows fluted in pools.
Some of the charges against them... are due merely to the false light in which they are regarded.
The humming sound and the unvarying white light induced a sort of faintness, an empty feeling inside his head.
Dogs were conditioned to give an eyewink to light by pairing a light and a puff of air to the cornea.
The things I write are only light extemporanea. I won't put politics on paper... it's a mania! So I refuse to use the pen in Pennsylvania!
Connely also refers to a scrolling feature, but provides no exemplative mechanism for allowing the light to travel along the sword.
The excited electrons give off light when they drop to a lower energy state.
It was proven that the insertion of the thin lightguide does not spoil the time resolution and the light output.
These guessings of ours, for they are more than half guessings, may throw a glimmer of light on the mystery of doll selection.
Yo man, I heard someone had put a green light out on you, so watch your back.
Marge Quincey didn't deserve a husband like his dad. He was pure gold, and she wasn't worth a light beside him.
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