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A diopter is a unit of measure used in ophthalmology to indicate the degree of refractive error of the lens of the eye.
Tubular voids have not been observed with a hand lens in labradorite crystals less than 0.8 cm long.
Meanwhile, you're standing fifty yards away with a sneer, a telephoto lens and a directional microphone.
So I traded in the microscope for a macro lens and the telescope for a telephoto.
If you're into macro photography, keep your lens caps off and your strobes charged.
A standard 50 mm lens will work, but a 55 mm lens with macro capability will allow extreme close-ups.
He turns his lens time and again to the majesty and grace of the tahr, the endangered mountain goat found in the Western Ghats.
After removal, store the lenses in those natty little screw cap holders that the lens solution people give you with the bottle of goop.
Some key features are lacking, such as an optical zoom lens and the ability to capture video and audio.
His use of a wide-angle lens facilitated deep focus for faces and musculature, allowing him to render iconic, nearly sculptural images of beauty.
The result is a tabletop setup with all the components of a classic lens bench.
This is a hospital test where a narrow tube with a light and lens on the end is passed down the trachea and into the lung.
Side vision is distorted and oblique rays of light passing through a spherical lens produce astigmatism.
For pure astigmatism, a lens is required that has no optical power in the normal meridian but has appropriate curvature in the others.
The surfaces of the lens or cornea may not be smooth, causing an aberration that results in a streak of distortion called astigmatism.
Typically, the designer adds more lens elements or applies small perturbations to spherical shapes using aspheric surfaces.
Some double lens lorgnettes are hinged between the lenses and fold out to a single plane when in use.
Certainly, it is important to get rid of protein deposits on the contact lens, but you do this with gentle rubbing of the lens with the finger.
For starters, try stretching a little piece of nylon stocking across the lens and hold it onto the lens barrel with a rubber band.
The simple photograph taken with a long lens from relatively far, showing his wife Nancy touching the casket, speaks volumes.
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