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How to use legality in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word legality? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
As has been noted, the legality of their actions can be challenged in public law by applications for judicial review.
There is no provision for judicial determination of the legality of detention.
This is not merely a question of credibility, but of morality and of legality.
The legality of many actions taken during the settlement of the country was dubious at best.
Aginut is a biblical or talmudic tragedy, a lapse of legality or hagiocracy whose vileness is recognized.
He says that he was late for a meeting last December at which the practice and its legality was discussed.
Officers believe it glorifies football violence and it is understood that they are probing the legality of the video.
But at no point does anyone engage in any real deliberative legal analysis about the actual legality of the orders.
Each party would be responsible for their assets' legality if the law is promulgated.
His prestidigitation continues to baffle not just batsmen but biomechanists appointed by the ICC to determine its legality.
The principle of legality doesn't clash with the power of judicial review when the courts must invalidate criminal laws.
Conflicts over the legality of such ordinances sometimes reached various state supreme courts.
With hindsight, we know how his moral instinct trumped the evidence for the war and its legality.
At present, most democratic civil law countries tend to uphold the doctrine of strict legality as an overarching principle.
Preliminary rulings are important as a method of indirect challenge to the legality of Community action.
The defence hopes to overturn the ruling barring any inquiry into the legality of the war.
This was the famous Betamax case which established the legality of the first video cassette recorder introduced into the commercial market.
Presumably the point would have been to make certain of the sinister police chief's demise, while putting a varnish of legality on it later on.
Coutts has already questioned the legality of the design in a column he wrote for a daily newspaper.
Boaters with surge brakes on their boat trailers have cause to be concerned about the legality of their braking system.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Assumptions regarding leadership, organization, planning, and legality are redefined.
They got the booty with a show of legality, since Hoff signed the copartnership agreement and turned over the checks.
He had gone astray after Mr. legality, and the rocks had almost overwhelmed him.
Questions concerning the legality of certain assemblies were pugnaciously raised and as pugnaciously answered.
I am happy to find you agreeing with me, then, in the legality of the doctrine of the right of search.
It is this country that is dangerous, with her idealistic conception of legality.
I have now stated the legality of the matter, and you may act as your own subtility of perception shall dictate.
Perhaps there was something in his rapid and rigorous legality that suggested the closing of a net or trap.
A point had arisen concerning the legality of certain payments.
Despite apologising several times Cassano remains unfavoured and unselected, while an arbitration panel is due to rule on the legality of the suspension.
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