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This would have created at northern latitudes a more oceanic climate with cool moist summers.
Here are our lovingly researched, adrenaline-and rum-spiked reasons to love the horse latitudes.
During the latter part of the last century, the cultivation of maize, which originated in the subtropics, has been extended to higher latitudes.
The further you go away from temperate latitudes towards the equator, the fewer changes you see in the day to day weather throughout the year.
The latitudes of those parts extend from the fiftieth parallel to almost 60 degrees North.
The orbit plane inclination is from 55 to 60 degrees, which gives good coverage of latitudes up to 75 degrees north.
In fact several inversions have been found to form clines with higher frequencies at low latitudes near the equator.
If you're bound for the horse latitudes, L.L. Bean's Roll-Up Panama Hat sheds water and is as airy as a Bermuda veranda.
They also occur more often in the winter and in the middle to high latitudes rather than near to the equator.
By watching the motion of the flocculi he could monitor the solar rotation at different latitudes almost continuously.
What could have caused deep waters to form in the low latitudes and so markedly disrupt the usual system of deep water circulation?
These then flow from the high latitudes, circulating cool water throughout the world's ocean basins.
Table 1 lists the stations, their latitudes, longitudes, elevations above sea level and the time periods for which data are studied.
The presence of this association at low latitudes has received no attention.
The Canada lynx, the only lynx in North America, is a rare forest-dwelling cat of northern latitudes.
Colorful sky lights called auroras may be active at high latitudes and possibly into northern U.S. states and Europe.
In the cuts, fine-grained layers were found, obviously brought to the sea with rivers, whose sources were situated in temperate latitudes.
In subarctic latitudes at this time, taiga and mixed-forests advanced rapidly onto open expanses, and a forest fauna developed.
Adastus breeds at higher latitudes and elevations where willows are the dominant, and frequently the only, nesting shrub.
This is the northern summer solstice, when northern latitudes experience their maximum duration of daylight.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The wind was gradually becoming lighter, and we knew we were nearing the doldrums, or horse latitudes.
Every condition was as if arranged for a special occasion, or to recompense us for the tedium of the horse latitudes.
In cool latitudes the soybean is recognized as distinctly more profitable, making larger yields of vines and of seed.
In latitudes, however, in which it becomes necessary to stall-feed during several months of the year, barns are indispensable.
The relative amounts of insolation received at different latitudes and at different times have been carefully determined.
The vertical circulation is now dominated by cold water from subpolar latitudes.
At a time when spots are few and small, known as the sunspot minimum, they begin to be seen in fairly high latitudes.
From the beginning of spring to the latter end of summer, masses of brash ice are occasionally encountered in these latitudes.
Civilization has hunted them out of the Celestial Empire, but they are met with in Tartary, even in extremely cold latitudes.
The cross-staff had not then come into use, and it was never of much service in low latitudes.
Hence, uplift alone cannot account for extensive glaciation in subtropical latitudes during the Permian and Proterozoic.
It grows in more northern latitudes than the flowering dogwood, and does not range as far south.
There was no thunder nor lightning during the whole time they were in these latitudes.
The difference between the geographical and geocentric latitudes of a place upon the earth's surface.
The grey plover breeds in high latitudes, making a slight hollow in the ground, and employing a few blades of grass.
To these should be added in the South and middle latitudes, sooty blotch and bitter rot.
In those high latitudes they met with a phenomenon, common in alpine regions, as well as at the Pole, red snow.
The trade winds in two belts on the equatorial sides of the horse latitudes heat up as they move toward the Equator.
This river, flowing from high and cold latitudes, and through wide and open plains, exposed to chilling blasts, freezes early.
Under more elevated latitudes, it might have been mistaken for an immense aurora borealis, for the sky appeared on fire.
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