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Its goal is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location.
But they must be allowed more latitude to play what's immediately in front of them.
Rather, the nature of the orders themselves determines the latitude allowed in how they are carried out.
I keep using a 35 mm, as the exposure latitude is so much better than with my digital compact.
The discovery, in 1891, of the variation of latitude by Seth Carlo Chandler Jr. depended in part upon Chandler's invention of the almucantar.
Each standard atlas covers thirty minutes of latitude and longitude at a scale of four miles to the inch, and fills one page in the book.
However, we consider the force of her Saturn-Moon crossing to have some effect on the latitude of 53 degrees south around the entire globe.
These paintings, like the GPS longitude, latitude, and time read-outs, simply mark the artist's presence.
To get your first map, determine the latitude and longitude of the center of your new map.
Contracting parties are given considerable latitude, consistent with the doctrine of freedom of contract.
These layers are aligned with latitude lines, due to Saturn's east-west winds.
The second and third groupings were obviously longitude and latitude coordinates.
This amazing feat is consistent with the westerly airstream prevalent in the latitude of South Africa.
And I thought it would be great to have a character like that, who was like them, who had their freedom and latitude.
What lawyers call the doctrine of parental authority grants parents wide latitude to rear their children as they choose.
This ruling permitted the crown officers administering the book trade considerable latitude in redistributing privileges.
Al-Mahri used astronomical observations of the height of stars to determine the difference in latitude between two places.
That lack of exposure latitude in film is the second reason many photographs don't turn out the way we remember the scene.
We forget that Bethlehem is located in a desert, at a latitude of 31.68 degrees north, an elevation of 2,250 feet.
He believed in giving people lots of latitude and flexibility and independence but within parameters.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Camped on a gully with some old feed in the flat, in latitude 27 degrees 49 minutes.
The Troglodytica extended along the western side of the Arabian Gulf, from about the 19th degree of latitude to beyond the strait.
By meridian altitude of sun, camp is in latitude 31 degrees 53 minutes South.
The sea rover had made all her southern latitude, descending to the thirty-sixth parallel.
They had sun glasses and an air gun and instruments for latitude and longitude.
He has just discovered that Eden was about the same latitude as Fredericton!
Architectural peculiarities and appointments are ever accretive properties with the novelist of imagination and latitude.
Our passage from Para was good until the brig reached the latitude of Bermuda.
This Bay of bodega is situated a little north of the 38th degree of latitude.
The instruments used in taking observations for latitude may be either a sextant and an artificial horizon, or a small theodolite.
Murdaugh, always active and efficient, had his artificial horizon ready upon the ice, and gave us an approximate latitude.
The latitude, chronometric differences of longitude, and magnetic variation, were determined on shore at this southern point.
The two principal conditions on which climatal causes generally may be said to rest, are latitude and altitude.
It's rather a bad sign, although, of course, there may be a higher temperature in the corresponding latitude in Baffin Bay.
Or contrarily the longest Day being knowne to know the latitude.
The air had all the brilliancy which is so marked at this high latitude.
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