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Circumcision, I can tell you, is not a prospect to be viewed lightly in later life.
The victim of deteriorating mental health in his later life, he died in a mental hospital.
In contrast to his early years, his later life was marked by financial worries, frustration and disappointment.
There is a possibility that you might have jaundice in later life but after a complete rest you can keep playing tennis.
The writing is rhythmic and poetic and the characters so real that you long to know what became of them in later life.
Evidence of his later life, and his lively presence on the screen, gave the lie to that.
Scorsese and scriptwriter John Logan have decided to make a meal of the illness that eventually forced him in later life to become a recluse.
He was to admit in later life that he had been somewhat mannered in his vocal style, at the expense of his physical presence.
Nowhere is this truer than in evaluating the impact of maternal exposures in pregnancy that may affect health of the fetus in later life.
Coltrane was also a sublime melodist, who in later life became obsessed with the untapped possibilities of rhythm.
He was, in fact, a serious, somewhat priggish young man, though he often gave signs of light-heartedness both as a boy and in later life.
This troglodytic existence was hardly a preparation for later life for those wee ones.
There is no doubt that the mollycoddling of these early years was to have a significantly negative effect on Hughes in later life.
You will have huge embarrassment value in later life showing your daughter's first boyfriend her as a baby with no nappy!
Throughout his later life he became obsessed with the romantic idealization of the Druids and the religion of the ancient British.
He attributed the nervous disorders of his later life to the shock of these deaths.
A rugby career only lasts so long, but friends you make can be useful in later life.
A significant number risk osteoporosis in later life due to subnormal bone density.
Severe sunburn in childhood can significantly increase the chances of developing malignant melanoma in later life.
In later life he had what his colleagues regarded as Parkinson's disease or a related movement disorder, from which he died.
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Examples from Classical Literature
But Madame Beattie was tired, though this was the flowering of her later life.
Throughout his later life Tertullian, then, was a montanist, though the change was not so great as might be expected.
What relation between these factors and successfulness in later life?
Even so, he spent much of his later life addressing ancient and scholastic objections to his own transfinite number theory.
In later life he appears to have become a convert to Romanism.
What part of the body are babies born without, but develop from cartilaginous material that builds into bone in later life?
Pontycymer-born bohemian eccentric Molly Parkin was also deeply affected in later life by things she encountered on her paper round around London's Dollis Hill.
If Miss Garth's early days had been passed as calmly and as happily as her later life at Combe-Raven, she might have sunk under the cruel necessities of the time.
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