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However, those who oppose such separate schooling demonstrate a distinct lack of understanding of this issue.
He accomplished this by our ignorance and lack of understanding of what constitutes a legal person.
What both those views demonstrate to me is an actual lack of understanding or appreciation about what this bill sets out to do.
The preferences have resulted in a general lack of understanding and appreciation for the concept of comprehensiveness.
Predicting the impact of environmental change on terrestrial ecosystems is severely limited by a lack of understanding of basic soil processes.
For complex reasons, I think there's been a lack of understanding or almost a minimisation of the depth of feeling that children can experience.
I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one frustrated with his blank lack of understanding.
I simmered a bit and put her remark down to her lack of understanding of classic cars.
But I don't think that lack of understanding is a bad thing when it comes to God and his unendingness.
There was a lack of understanding as to the profound importance of general confidence in precipitating boom and bust dynamics.
Sometimes it's simply a problem of a breakdown in communications or a lack of understanding about the systems.
The lack of reflection is usually reflected in the lack of understanding of oneself.
An example that I've discussed is New York Times science reporter's lack of understanding of the rudiments of historical linguistics.
This is sheer folly and reveals a lack of understanding of the power of saving regularly from an early age.
The general lack of understanding of science is contributed to, in a large part, by society, a public weaned on predigested news.
Such a metaphor betrays a complete lack of understanding, of empathy with Victorian culture.
If all disagreements stem from a lack of understanding, does that mean one party is misunderstanding, or both?
For some, that is through a lack of understanding, and I pay no disrespect to people who do not understand the issue.
There is also a lack of understanding of how long it takes to master the craft.
She said the lack of understanding or the misunderstanding of reporting procedures has, in some cases, led to unnecessarily prolonged investigations.
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I am willing to believe that the lack of understanding was my own fault, but a lack of understanding there was.
Would not that argue great lack of understanding in our two selves?
Not only are these events evidence of attempts to squelch dissent but they also reveal a level of intense criticism based of a lack of understanding.
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