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Most labiates have glandular trichomes that emerge from the epidermal surface of their leaves, stems and reproductive structures.
Like most labiates, thyme is an aromatic plant with glandular trichomes on the leaves and floral parts contain monoterpenoid essential oils.
All labiates have four nutlets at the base of their flower at maturity.
The flowers appear in racemes arising in whorls on the terminal part of the stems and are labiates, bilaterally symmetrical and purplish in color.
In common with other labiates, Basil furnishes an aromatic, volatile oil, and on this account is much employed in France for flavouring soups, especially turtle soup.
Phlox have fairly solid stems but those of lupins, delphiniums and most labiates become hollow very quickly.
I still can't tell my labiates from my nippleworts and I keep mixing up my spermatophytes with my gonococcus.
This is rejected by Chatin, who states that no trace of a fifth stamen exists in the Labiates, unlike the Scrophulariaceae.
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