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According to The Daily Mail, proud owners of the bed also include Madonna, kylie Minogue, Elton John, and Oprah Winfrey.
And Kanye's Adidas collection was influenced by Kendall and kylie Jenner.
Kylie Minogue might be spurning them these days, but Dolce and Gabbana are favourites in paparazzi-land.
They both got their lemonades and were done laughing when Kylie and Belle returned.
Of course, Elle, Kylie and Sarah do nothing to dispel the stereotype of Australia as a paradise where hot chicks constantly get their kit off.
I expect Kylie would look quite fetching in any part of the collection, however, particularly in comparison with some mannish catwalk models.
Kylie stubbornly folded her arms in front of her chest and leaned her head back against the seat of the car.
Will didn't reply so Kylie pulled him up and dragged him to a private corner of the commons.
No, Kylie has written a poem especially for the piece which has been incorporated into the score!
Due to flight difficulties keeping the Robbie double from the launch, Kylie double Claire Renovoize ended up performing solo.
He pauses to savour the Kylie Minogue song playing over the bar sound system.
Yet unlike so many star-struck kids, Kylie had the connections to make her daydreams happen.
Kylie yelped jumping up and down with that enthusiasm that only cheerleaders own as the audience was in an uproar.
Twist and writhe around your length of bamboo to the likes of Kylie or Gareth, while training your runner beans or sweet peas.
The Daily Record in Scotland was one of hundreds of papers who, thanks to The Australian, also got it wrong in its front page splash about Kylie.
Kylie repeated her words with special emphasis, as if talking to a very slow person.
When her career as a songstress began, Kylie was best known as a TV Personality.
Justine remembered that Kylie had been cramming mightily for the test when they last spoke.
Around 20 people perform at any one time, covering songs from Johnny Cash to Kylie Minogue.
The novelty of a daily fix of happy sun-tanned people was spiced up by the rumours that Kylie and Donovan were an item off screen as well as on.
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It terrifies me in a completely different way and I almost had to unlearn things that I just do naturally, as Kylie.
Sales of Pond's Cold Cream soared by 120 per cent after it was said that Kylie, 42, uses it every day.
With Kylie in a constant state of jittery jumpiness, David confides in Eva that he's worried about her.
True Believer, in particular, is a Kylie clone but ultimately you can, and will, get it out of your head.
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